August 2022

Online entrepreneurs who are international travelers: Avoid these mistakes


If you are starting an online business while being an international traveler, perhaps you are busy building your website, creating content for your social media pages, and learning Internet business strategies. These are all important and necessary, but today I’d like to point out a few things that you should avoid doing as a start-up. Spending too many resources on building fancy websites & sales funnels/buying ads & followers. If you have an established and mature business, yes, you should totally invest in building the most beautiful website in the world, hiring a social media manager, etc. Nonetheless, if your business [...]

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Dear international travelers: Are you a self-help junkie or a switched-on executor?


Lorna Jane is a well-known businesswoman who famously said, “It takes everything to run a successful business.” Similarly, Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “Entrepreneurship is lonely, difficult and stressful. Your employees are not working for you. You are working for your employees.” Having a successful business that allows you to be an international traveler while working on your laptop isn’t an overnight thing. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources. It’s hard work. Period. Which type are you? There are many people who want to start their own businesses, so they attend business development seminars, read business books and [...]

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July 2022

Italy is the best shopping destination


While I was studying business management in Europe, I did some research on famous brands. So, now I would like to share what I’ve learned with you, so you will know why Milan, Italy is the best shopping destination in the world. 😊 Best shopping destination You can find both low-end brands and high-end brands in Milan. The brand that I work in the group poster is Converse, and the brand that I am critiquing is Versace. After looking at the poster of Versace, I can see that the introduction section of their poster doesn’t indicate this is about [...]

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The international travel diary on business, life and the inner voice


I like listening to my inner voice and I’m happy to share with you my international travel diary. You are welcome. 😉 Thoughts on entrepreneurship, joy, and freedom: The most successful entrepreneurs never rest on their laurels because they don’t want stagnation. They constantly change things up. Three things that will bring you joy today: 1) make a vision board; 2) journal; 3) list five things you are grateful for. A billion likes on social media mean nothing if you don’t like yourself. So, what are you doing to practice self-love today? When people criticize you unfairly and write negative comments [...]

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May 2022

How to be safe if you travel internationally to date your lady


One decade ago, online dating was obviously a taboo topic. Nonetheless, these days online dating is extremely common because it’s become mainstream already nowadays. This is especially commonplace during the pandemic. Do you know how to stay safe while traveling internationally to date your lady that you’ve met online? Meet people in public venues. If you have joined an online dating site, you will probably go out for some dates with individuals that you have met online.  The most important rule that you must remember is you have to meet people in public places like restaurants and coffeehouses. Your phone’s battery [...]

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Travel experience, dating experience and work experience


Some individuals have lots of experiences; nevertheless, none of those experiences is high-quality. By contrast, some people have fewer experiences, but each experience is high-quality. In my opinion, quality is always more important than quantity in almost every area of life, including travel experiences, dating experiences as well as work experiences. Quantity VS quality. Let’s say you’ve joined a dating site and now you are looking for love. At the very beginning, you’d better contact more women because you don’t really know who is the right person yet – you have to talk to more ladies so that you will find [...]

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March 2022

How to find more time to read books and travel the world


It is said that the fastest way to improve your mindset and have more new ideas is to read books and travel the world. But both activities require time. How can we find more time in life? You are defined by how you spend your time. Everyone needs to keep working on their relationship to time because time is so valuable. Time is the single most valuable asset in everyone’s life. Therefore, how you spend you time, how you save your time and how you maximize your time are all very important. As a result, I used myself as a case [...]

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January 2022

Visiting Eastern Europe: What a therapeutic experience!


I went to Eastern Europe for a health retreat – a program that taught me how to look after my health and wellbeing. I’ve decided to share some notes with you now. How to reverse the damage caused by the standard western diet: It is said that chronic inflammation is a major cause of most physical conditions these days, so the focus of this retreat is about how to cool inflammation and improve overall health & wellbeing.  Truthfully, chronic inflammation is not just about redness and pain. In fact, chronic inflammation is also about whole-body communication. Basically, that means I must [...]

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The most practical gigs while living in Ukraine


I’ve summarized a list of doable jobs for you so that you will know how to be down-to-earth after arriving in Ukraine. If you decide to live in Ukraine for a while, please clarify your goals in detail.   Your goals shouldn’t be something like “I’ll make a lot of money this year” because that’s not concrete enough.  Instead, your goals should be “I’ll make $100,000 by 31st December, 2021” because this is a very specific goal.  Only specific goals can be measured! Go through daily rituals that help you achieve your goals.  There is a book called Daily Rituals.  Although that [...]

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September 2021

Ukrainian tourism: my new journal entry


My life in Ukraine is best characterized by walking in the nature every morning.   The nature continues to amaze me every single day in one way or another.   Nature has so much to offer, to teach me, if I am open to the learning. To maintain real balance, I have to spend time in the nature regularly. This keeps my sanity as well. How do I reconnect with natural happiness? Well, I choose to do so – it’s very simple. I make the choice one step at a time. In spite of the fact that life throws curve balls [...]

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