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August 2021

How to be a freelancer and travel the world


Ramit Sethi famously said, “The most common freelance gigs are editing, writing, web design, graphic design, video production, IT support as well as software / app development.” Do you know how to monetize your skills and your passion so you can be a freelancer and travel the world with a laptop? Let me show you how! What are your profitable skills? In reality, not all skills are equally profitable. Certain skills are surely more profitable than others. For instance, translation is a pretty good skill, yet if you want to monetize translation online, it’s not practical as usually you are competing [...]

How to be a freelancer and travel the world2021-08-02T06:48:13+00:00

July 2021

How to make use of your free time before travelling internationally


I know the vaccine has been found, so you are excited – you really look forward to travelling internationally, right? Well, before international flights become viable again, you probably have some free time that could be used to do whatever you want. If you are wondering how to make full use of your spare time right now, you may take some notes while reading this blog post. Find out what you want to achieve in your career, and then build a powerful network in that direction.   In order to travel internationally, you probably need to build a nice nest egg [...]

How to make use of your free time before travelling internationally2021-07-20T13:55:38+00:00

Build up a nice little nest egg so you can travel internationally


The pandemic has made the economy weak; as a consequence, many people have lost their jobs or have to change their careers. If you are looking for career advice, you might want to take some notes today. How to build a nest egg as a freelancer: In my parents’ generation, an individual only had 1 job in their life. Someone like my 48-year-old cousin would have four jobs in her lifetime. It is believed that somebody from Gen Z will probably have four jobs at the same time – this is the gig economy. I would argue that the gig economy [...]

Build up a nice little nest egg so you can travel internationally2021-07-13T07:11:12+00:00

A True Story about Life in Ukraine


I went to Ukraine years ago and I still vividly remember that fascinating experience in a beautiful country. I met good friends. When I visited Ukraine, I spent two weeks there at a retreat where like-minded people got together to learn meditation and personal development. Before that, I rarely met anyone that share my thoughts because most people aren’t really interested in self-help and personal development. Perhaps only 10% of the population are actually growth-driven because most people would pay for entertainment rather than education. But I value education and personal development. No wonder I couldn’t get along well with many [...]

A True Story about Life in Ukraine2021-07-06T10:48:26+00:00

June 2021

Global travel: Why joy is empowering


Europe is my favorite place in the world because it has rich history and culture. Why Europe? First of all, I love Ukraine. This country is absolutely beautiful and its culture is fascinating. Ukrainian people are friendly, warm and helpful. When I was living in Ukraine, I met the best people in the world who have become my close friends. Second, I like Russia. Living in a western country oftentimes means the mainstream news tells us that Russia isn’t that great. But after visiting Russia, I have realized that Russia is actually a wonderful country. It’s modern, chic and very cool. [...]

Global travel: Why joy is empowering2021-06-28T08:34:42+00:00

Time & energy management for global travelers


As a business owner and world traveler, I’ve met a lot of entrepreneurs who run Internet businesses while traveling the world. As I’m very interested in time and energy management, I’ve summarized the best tips for time and energy management. Time is an asset. Many successful business owners who have achieved financial freedom are able to enjoy life – their businesses have been automated; they make money from investing success. The reason they hire managers and employees to automate their businesses is because they highly value their time. They make passive income from their investment because they want to make money [...]

Time & energy management for global travelers2021-06-07T08:55:10+00:00

A digital nomad’s global travel wisdom


As a digital nomad, I’ve been working for myself for a very long time. Since I run an online business, I don’t have to go to the office every day in order to get my work done – I can simply do everything on my laptop. Therefore, I’ve been a superfan of international travel for more than one decade. Get rid of low-leverage activities. As I am able to travel the world while doing remote work, I have decided not to do the following low-leverage activities: I don’t answer phone calls from unrecognized telephone numbers anymore. This type of phone calls [...]

A digital nomad’s global travel wisdom2021-06-02T09:31:36+00:00

May 2021

Explore, enjoy and travel in East Asia


Talking about travelling in East Asia, my favorite activity is going to Muji while having fun in Japan. As to Muji’s opportunities, two important opportunities have been found: The first opportunity is international expansion. Sato (2010) maintains that the current domestic market in Japan is already saturated because Muji is a very popular and well-known brand in Japan. Meanwhile, the eco-friendly, no-brand trend looks very attractive and desirable globally. Thus, Muji can expand internationally. Now Muji also has many stores in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The second opportunity is launching new sustainable and environmentally friendly products. [...]

Explore, enjoy and travel in East Asia2021-05-25T08:51:48+00:00

Live life to the fullest, Work and Travel in Southeast Asia


Investors are going to build a new hotel in Southeast Asia, so travel in Southeast Asia will be more stimulating: Passage is a high-end, luxurious themed hotel based in Singapore. It is best characterized by multiple themes from different cultures. As a customer-based and service-oriented business, Passage focuses on innovation, uniqueness and good value. Since Singapore holds a very strong position globally, it provides a positive environment for such a new business. Although this new brand requires some time to create brand recognition and build reputation, its new attractive features would certainly generate competitive advantages amongst rivals on the market. In [...]

Live life to the fullest, Work and Travel in Southeast Asia2021-05-22T11:32:21+00:00

Wonderful and unforgettable experiences: tourism in Singapore


Building and maintaining customer relationships is important for business. Thus, the unique business model gives the guest a different experience every time they visit the establishment thus enticing them for many more visits.The promotional strategies for the hotel are mainly ecofriendly, through stream media via social media platforms, travel magazines, biodegradable paper flyers, third party booking such as Trivago, booking.com among others. With an understanding of the market segment through proper industrial analysis the organization has been able to reach out to the customer through the appropriate promotional mediums like partnering with golf tournaments and social clubs such as the lions [...]

Wonderful and unforgettable experiences: tourism in Singapore2021-05-19T10:16:33+00:00
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