Today I’d like to discuss my travel observation from down under. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my international travel journal entries. 

international travel

  • More international travel, more wonderful friends:

Whenever I’m traveling, I always do social dipping, i.e. breaking into new social groups. This habit has a lot of advantages:

Firstly, most people I meet are new people. Even if for one night out I’m just tagging along to a dinner party or a barbecue, I’m exposed to a totally different social circle.

If I feel like meeting someone new quickly and having some very enjoyable conversations, this is a great way to make that happen instantly.

Secondly, I’m challenged in the right ways. As I see it, staying with the same social circle would keep me the same. In contrast, new social groups force me to confront various aspects of my character. I would get to practice introducing myself in 20 different manners and figuring out how to talk about my career without boring the new social group. Basically, this is a serious workout for my social muscles. 😊

Thirdly, I learn about new things regularly. Because of my social dipping, I have a pop singer in my life. I know what an app developer really does. I understand that not all writers are poor. When I meet new people, I learn new stuff. I usually learn a lot more from one dinner party with an entirely new group than from another gathering with the same old friends.

Also, I can try different personalities on. Indeed, I feel comfortable having a different personality when I’m away from my usual environment. Sometimes I become more playful. Sometimes I’m more flirtatious. Sometimes I’m very assertive. Yes, a new social setting is an opportunity for me to showcase a different personality. I often do something unexpected and surprising in this way.

Oftentimes, I only say yes to fun activities and events that I’m actually interested in. I also say yes to parties where I can meet many new & interesting individuals.

If I have one conversation with a new person at a dinner party, I would feel energized and start to glide around other new people with ease, feeling relaxed and natural when I talk to new friends.

If I write 1,000 words, you would be in a flow state and can write my daily 10,000 words.

If I can work out in the gym for 5 minutes, I would be in the athlete’s state and can push for a 2-hour workout in the gym easily.

Most people would do avoidance activities to hide from the first 10% of the hard work that they have to do in order to get started and be in the state of flow. As a consequence, they keep watching videos on YouTube, eating ice cream, and chatting with people on Skype.

In order to make progress in anything, we have to start. Progress is all we need.

international travel

  • How I used affirmations to change my life during international travel:

Affirmations have changed my character into a happy, open expectation of positivity. It turns out that I oftentimes get what I expect.

Individuals in my life tend to respond positively to my positive personality with precious opportunities that I wouldn’t have in the past. So, affirmations attract positive things like a real magnet.

Apart from that, I also do visualization frequently. Whenever I learn a new skill such as public speaking, singing, and dancing, I always practice it several times per day so I am able to do it with full confidence when I need to use this new skill in public.

As I see it, a positive headspace is from doing things I am truly passionate about. I set a goal and quit things that I don’t enjoy doing. That is a way to eliminate all distractions in life and at work.

Besides, I never tell anyone what my big goals are because I don’t want other people to tell me that my goals are literally impossible from their point of view. In my opinion, if I don’t tell people what I want to achieve, they cannot do anything to ruin my dreams. That’s exactly why I do not really live in the same town with my family – I’m always traveling internationally.

I am the owner of my life; I am the leader in my life. I don’t give anyone access to my dreams and goals. I am happy to let my family see my success after I’ve achieved real success.

Travelling internationally has allowed me to cultivate different dimensions of my personality and become a better version of myself.”