Today you’re in for a treat because I’m going to give you a guide about how high-value men operate. Remember to take some notes. ?

Honestly, I’m not saying every detail in this article certainly applies to every high-value man – that’s just not realistic. Yet this article surely offers the fundamental principles that most high-value men have. I’ve summarized this because I’m surrounded by successful men while traveling the world.

Okay, it’s time to take a look at high-value men’s principles and traits.

Travel Journal Entry 1: High-value men are very decisive, even in unclear and uncertain situations.

The ability to make important decisions with core confidence is essential to success in life. That’s exactly why decisive men tend to become powerful leaders. Now please analyze the scenario below:

In an organization, the average Joe needs to be told exactly what to do and what is happening, and then he could do his job well. By contrast, the CEO must make big decisions even in uncertain situations. This is a very obvious difference between the average Joe and an empowered CEO.

Realistically, not every situation is certain/clear. The ability to be highly decisive in difficult situations separates high-value men from mediocre men.

Travel Journal Entry 2: High-value men focus on the big picture instead of small details.

It is said that Gary Vaynerchuk can’t even book his flight by himself, as he cannot handle small details that are often required while booking a flight, e.g. date, time, flight number, etc. Hence, booking flights is always his secretary’s responsibility.

High-value guys oftentimes say, “Small details do not change things, but the big picture makes a real difference.”

Top 10 men actually find small details quite stressful. Gary Vaynerchuk even says he cannot even look at people who take notes when he is doing public speaking, as their notes just stress him out.

Thus, high-value guys think of the big picture – small details are usually delegated to other people so as to make thing actually work well.

Travel Journal Entry 3: High-value men know that their network is also their net worth.

Successful guys become more successful when they’re well-connected. And high-value guys know the value their network. Small wonder top 10 men often say, “Who you know is just as important as what you know.” As I see it, who you know probably matters even more.

High-value guys are good at building and maintaining professional relationships. That also explains why they look quite charismatic and they often attract beautiful women.

Travel Journal Entry 4: High-value men acquire assets and create passive income.

Robert Kiyosaki maintains that an asset is something that puts money in your pocket, i.e. something that generates cash flow. However, a liability is something that takes money away from you. Okay, please let me explain.

A lot of powerful men are wildly successful businessmen who hire managers and employees to run their businesses effectively. For example, I’m sure that Jeff Bezos does not have to sit in his office today in order to make money from Amazon, as his company has already been automated by a system as well as his employees. Basically, Jeff Bezos makes passive income (AKA leveraged income), whilst his employees make earned income. Clearly, Amazon is Jeff Bezos’s asset as it puts money in his pocket even when he is watching TV on the couch (or when he is asleep).

As a matter of fact, those who make passive income / leveraged income pay less in taxes, whilst hardworking people who make earned income literally pay more in taxes, for individuals who make leveraged income create jobs for people who make earned income. As a result, the government wants to reward entrepreneurs.

There are many types of assets, e.g. books, information products, investments, and so on. They all bring leveraged income.

Okay. Now we can look at several examples of liabilities. 1) If you buy a diamond ring, the ring takes money out of your pocket. 2) If you buy a car, the car takes money out of your pocket. 3) If you buy an apartment that you live in, the apartment takes money out of your pocket. Yes, you read that right. The apartment that you own (and you live in) is NOT an asset. Successful men know these are all liabilities, but the average Joe thinks these are all assets. No wonder the average Joe is so average.

  • Bonus insights: The Most Common Mistakes Made by Professional Women

Many professional women are keen to become high achievers nowadays. However, there are several blind spots which hinder professional women’s success. Now I’m going to outline the most common mistakes made by professional women at work in a straightforward and 100% honest way.

Mistake #1: Many professional women don’t know who their real customers are.

Researchers in Australia conducted a major study in 2020 and the findings are very interesting: Most male participants see their bosses as their customers, whereas most female participants think the organization’s customers are their customers. A woman says, “I sincerely treat the organization’s customers as my customers. Yet why did my colleague get a promotion instead?”

Truthfully, men are more analytical than women because women tend to be more emotional. Therefore, men oftentimes use logic in terms of strategizing their careers. For example, the majority of male participants in the study state that people who directly influence their pay are their real customers; as a result, their bosses are their real customers & they are supposed to make their bosses satisfied in the first place. Nevertheless, most women are not aware of this principle.

Mistake #2: A lot of professional women trust their “friends” in the workplace.

Yes, women enjoy building and maintaining relationships. Nonetheless, this skill may backfire occasionally. A female participant (Amy) in the study shared her story with us: Amy and Linda worked in the same company. Amy told her friend Linda that their boss Sam did something bad. Two weeks later, the organization announced that redundancy would happen soon due to a new business direction and Amy was the first employee who was stood down. So, Amy has lost her job. One day Amy went to a coffeehouse and saw Linda and Sam sitting in the corner of the same coffeehouse: Sam’s hand was on Linda’s leg. Obviously, Amy trusted the wrong individual as Linda wasn’t her friend in reality. Sadly, this is just one example of a common mistake made by many professional women.

Mistake #3: A large number of professional women take things personally.

It is said that women are much more sensitive than men in many ways. Well, sensitivity can be a positive quality, but sometimes it isn’t that positive. For instance, some women take things personally in the workplace, which affects their careers negatively because feeling upset takes lots of energy which can be used to so something more helpful. “Frankly, not everybody is out there to get you,” says a career counsellor from Australia, “You should totally understand that most people think about themselves and their own problems most of the time, so they almost never have the time to judge you.”

“We can all learn a thing or two from high achievers, no matter you are a man or a woman. I’ve learned so many things from successful men that I’ve been traveling the world with.”