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October 2021

Why I absolutely, truly love living in Europe


After living in Ukraine for a while, this is my realization: I am absolutely free to choose the way I want to live my life. I am allowed to honor my heart’s decisions. I am free to be me.   Gratitude makes my life easier.   Gratitude is the key to a locked door. My trip in Ukraine has taught me many things and I cherish the learning: Everyone has bad days and everyone also has good days. Both will pass and both will come repeatedly. Life is simply a balance of dark and light. Happiness comes from accepting that both [...]

Why I absolutely, truly love living in Europe2021-10-07T06:08:09+00:00

September 2021

Fantastic benefits of a Ukrainian tour


Have you noticed that when you are travelling, you are actually more open-minded? Research shows that tourists are more curious, so they are able to enjoy the benefits of a city (some of them can enjoy things better than local people do).   When you visit Ukraine, you are ready to experience new things in this beautiful country.   As a young and developing country in Eastern Europe, Ukraine has an ancient history and a very rich culture. Its perfect landscape, fairytale castles and impressive recipes are going to exceed your expectations. Don’t forget to go on a sunflower field photo [...]

Fantastic benefits of a Ukrainian tour2021-09-21T07:04:30+00:00
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