Nowadays entrepreneurship is a buzzword. You hear people talking about running businesses almost everywhere you go. You discover articles about starting businesses on many websites. You witness the Great Resignation recently, i.e., a large number of employees have resigned and now they are looking for new opportunities – many of them are looking to start their own businesses and travel internationally. When you go to YouTube, you can watch millions of videos about starting your own business, but there are a range of things that gurus don’t tell you. This article is best characterized by honesty, so it’s only for those who are ready for the uncomfortable truth.

  • In order to make a business successful, your messaging should be polarizing.

Your messaging isn’t just your slogan. It’s also about your content and the way you present your products or services. Sometimes it also refers to your product or service itself. Basically, your messaging is the information that your customers receive when they interact with your business.

In business, polarizing messaging always works better than something that seems to appear to everyone. As a matter of fact, if you are talking to everybody, you are actually talking to nobody.

For example, Dangerfield is a successful Australian fashion brand which appears to young people who love alternative and unique clothing – they want a quirky and unusual style. That means when the right audience see Dangerfield’s products, they immediately like what they see. In contrast, when the wrong audience see their products, they walk away quickly. Clearly, Dangerfield has a polarizing and effective messaging.

When the messaging is polarizing enough, the conversion rate is always higher.

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  • There are three topics that can succeed relatively easily.

 “My business idea is to teach people how to play chess. Does this business idea work?” Robert asks a guru who is apparently a business coach.

Because the guru is keen to land a new client like Robert, he says, “Yes, I’m sure there are many people who want to learn how to play chess.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Robert absolutely can’t make money by teaching people how to play chess. Frankly, anything is possible. But we have to be more realistic here – Although there are a lot of people who want to learn how to play chess in this world, it’s definitely going to be hard for Robert to find enough customers because the percentage of potential customers for a business like that is quite low in the general public.

In theory, anything is possible; however, in reality, only three topics can make real money relatively easily: 1) health; 2) wealth; 3) love. Now I’d like to explain how each topic works.

  1. Health: Businesses that teach people how to lose weight, offer customers fitness programs and sell nutrition plans can generally do well because health is important to most people.
  2. Wealth: Businesses that help people invest correctly, teach customers how to make money and offer career coaching programs usually make a large amount of money because most people are willing to invest in their wealth creation – and many of them want to travel internationally.
  3. Love: Businesses that provide speed dating services and teach customers how to find true love are highly profitable because most people want to fall in love and stay in love.

“In other words, health & fitness, money & business as well as dating & relationships directly affect people’s happiness; therefore, these three topics are the bread and butter for the majority of wildly successful businesses out there.”