Worrying comes from overmanaging life and overthinking. I’m going to share with you some powerful techniques so that you can quickly stop racing thoughts. In this way, you can enjoy travel and live a happy life. 😊

  • Mind Full or Mindful?

Mind Full: You always think about those anxieties and anxious thoughts. Those weird anxieties and annoying thoughts grow all the time.

Mindful: You notice what you hear, see, smell and feel. You focus on your body movements as well as your breath. When irritating thoughts arise, you simply watch them go (like watching cars go while standing still).

Just let maddening thoughts be there so they can have a chance to automatically disappear. Not every bizarre thought deserves our attention. If a strange thought rocks up, merely let it be there without arguing with it. Allow it to stay there so that it can gradually disappear.

Truthfully, when you engage / argue with that thought, you will surely have more and more anxious thoughts, as things only go backwards in your inner world. Here is why:

If you’d like to become successful in your career or improve personal relationships, you have to do something proactively so you can see good results. 😉

Yet if you’d like to cope with anxiety, doing more will certainly make you feel worse. Apparently, things surely go backwards in your inner world.

That’s exactly why you must do less so you will be able to let your thoughts pass as time goes by.

Yes, this technique is good for you and it’s called ‘therapeutic surrender’. When you overthink things, you’re literally trying to control things that are outside your control.

Thus, when it comes to things that are outside your control, you have to use therapeutic surrender to your advantage as surrendering to destiny is so powerful.

Apart from that, you would be well-advised to do some kind of physical exercise every single day. Many psychologists highly recommend physical exercises to those who tend to overthink. If you have insomnia and / or anxiety, you’d better do some exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. The workout will burn stressful chemicals in your body so your cortisol level can be lower. As a result, you will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

The ideal way to feel better is to think like a kid. In this way, the childlike mindset will give you a new perspective and cultivate your creativity as well as imagination quickly. No, that’s not childish. That’s creative.

enjoy travel

  • When you calm down all racing thoughts, you can enjoy travel:

Dr. Claire Weekes was a general practitioner from Australia. Her books about how to cure anxiety have been wildly popular since 1960s when mental health was a topic that most people didn’t even talk about or understand. Interestingly, after reading a large number of books on mental health, I realized that Dr. Claire Weekes’s books are definitely the best, although her books were published several decades ago. In other words, modern research isn’t necessarily better than Dr. Claire Weekes’s work, partly because Dr. Claire Weekes had first-hand experience about anxiety, and partly because the way she explained anxiety as well as its cure is almost perfect.

According to Dr. Claire Weekes, someone who suffers from a nervous breakdown has to stay occupied – this person shouldn’t stay in bed, dwelling on their thoughts. In fact, they would be well-advised to remain busy (or at least they need to have something to do). That also explains why most people who have anxiety find weekends and public holidays so maddening & they feel much better when they have to go to work!

Yes, when you go to work, you constantly take action unless your job is extremely easy and you have nothing to do. That also tells us why unemployment is actually a mental health problem – when someone doesn’t have a job, they don’t really have a structured life, so their life looks like a mental health issue. No wonder a lot of people who are unemployed face mental health challenges.

“Now you’ve fully understood the importance of taking action, so please start somewhere, e.g., your health – maybe you can do some exercise and get some healthy sunshine today. Take a long walk while listening to an audiobook via Libby (an app which offers free eBooks and audiobooks from your local library). Go to places that ignite your curiosity. Talk to people you meet. Connect with old friends. Make new friends. Or even find a new job if you like!”