If you don’t change your belief and only change your job or relationship, you will probably end up in another unsatisfying situation, according to an international tourist. You have to transform your belief first.

international tourist

  • An international tourist’s journal: Don’t take your blessings for granted.

Someone is praying to have something that you have right now.

Four things to let go of today: 1) trying to please everyone; 2) gossip; 3) saying yes when you mean no; 4) perfectionism.

Please be patient with yourself because big goals are achieved one day at a time.

Three things to tell yourself today: 1) Stop waiting to be chosen and start creating, living and manifesting. 2) Stop complaining and start taking action. 3) Stop procrastinating on your dreams and start making great things happen.

Four things to stop doing: 1) Feeling unworthy; 2) expecting other people to share the same beliefs with you; 3) ignoring your intuition; 4) spending time with those who don’t support your dreams.

Don’t ask people who have never been where you are going for directions. You need a real mentor. Even if you don’t hire me as your coach, hire someone else. Don’t be a waiter; be a creator! Three things you need to evolve: 1) a blueprint which shows you where you are going; 2) an empowering ‘why’ which keeps you going in tough times; 3) a system to rewire limiting beliefs.

If you think you are taking a risk but don’t feel uncertain or uncomfortable, then you are possibly not really taking a risk.

Four excuses to stop making: 1) I’m not ready; 2) I can’t afford this; 3) I don’t deserve it; 4) I’m afraid.

Three rules to remember: 1) If you don’t take action, the result is stagnation; 2) if you don’t try, the failure rate is 100%; 3) if you don’t even ask, the answer will always be no.

Three things that always block your blessings: 1) settling for less; 2) not asking for what you deserve; 3) being jealous.

Three mistakes you need to forgive yourself for:           1) staying in a toxic relationship for too long; 2) wasted energy on people who didn’t even deserve you; 3) losing people who never really understood you.

Three ways to feel proud of yourself: 1) Giving without expectations; 2) asking for what you deserve; 3) cutting off draining relationships.

Things that were removed out of your life or never worked out merely made room for new opportunities to come in. Don’t worry about what’s gone. Embrace new blessings!


  • Personal development isn’t just about learning new information; it’s also about unlearning old limits.

If you walked away from an abusive, dead-end, negative relationship, you are the winner.

Don’t dim your light in the face of adversity. The world has slowed down so that you can rediscover and reinvent yourself.

Rumination is suffering for no reason. You can decide to stop it.

Your past doesn’t need you. Your future needs you. You can choose what to focus on now.

If you need to convince someone to choose you, love you or prioritize you, that person already doesn’t want you.

Instead of looking for your passion, why not generate your own passion?

Do your choices reflect your hopes or your fears? Choose courageously and wisely.

Four things to let go of today: 1) people-pleasing; 2) codependent habits and behavior; 3) watching the news; 4) making excuses for yourself and other people.

If something doesn’t bring you joy, peace and love, stop engaging with it.

Thoughts become things. Don’t feed your brain with poison. Fill your brain with positive information and good energy.

You can’t carry your old stories, fears and anxieties into your new reality and expect to receive something new. When you start a business, your make your own rules, principles and world.


 “Here is an international tourist’s journal about business, mental health and peace.”