Why You Should Use a Travel Agency To Plan and Book Your Next Trip

Want to make the most of your next vacation by focusing on the thrills and excitements, not logistic? It boils down to making the right choices when it comes to choosing between using a travel agency or planning the trip yourself?

You can spend hours, days, weeks, or even months putting together the perfect itinerary for your own trip or partner with a reputable travel agency for peace of mind.


How Do You Start Planning a Trip?

Putting a perfect trip together from scratch can be a daunting task. It takes more to be a good trip planner. So what are the basic steps to planning a vacation?

  • Research on the destination
  • Choose a travel date
  • Plan a perfect itinerary
  • Book flights and accommodation
  • Research local transportation options available in the destination you’re visiting

Looks easy, but wait until you start doing the work. Only then will you realize the stress involved in planning a perfect trip. Do you know that it can be so much easier when you choose a reputable travel agency? A vacation is a perfect time to escape the stress, relax, and unwind. More importantly, it makes you live longer, so why not let a travel agent help you out.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Planner


Travel agencies once held the keys to the vacation community gates. Access to the vacation kingdom is limited without them. But the rise of the internet and the surge in online travel sites have undermined the relevance of this industry. In recent years, there has been a spike in the demand for travel agents, with Millenials and other travelers turning to agents. If you’re looking to make your trip fun and exciting, do not hesitate to reach out to a travel agent. Here’s why using them makes sense.

  1. Cost

No doubt, lots of travel websites offer mouthwatering flight and accommodation deals. But it makes sense to see what a travel agent has in store for you. George Hobica, travel expert and founder of Airfarewatchdog says, “Travel agents have tricks up their sleeves that automated websites have never heard of.” These experts partner with tour operators to bring you amazing deals and offers. More so, they know when the prices of hotels are at its lowest point. A travel agent can provide you with deals that you may not know about. So if you are looking to get the most substantial discount on travel, a travel agent is the way to go.

  1. Provides the Human Touch

Travel planners want to know you and understand your travel needs to the fullest. What’s on your itinerary? What kind of trip do you prefer? This is something that online travel websites rarely offer. The personal human touch means that all your travel needs and requirement will be well catered for. “Despite all the websites, clients by the truckload are desperate for a real human voice on the phone. They are clamoring for truly dedicated, genuine customer service and someone willing and eager to sell them what they want,” said Norm Payne, senior consultant at Uniglobe Premiere Travel.

Need a hotel room far away from the elevator? Have some allergies? Travel agents tailor their services to suit the needs of their clients.

  1. Insider Information

Okay, so you want to book a flight, accommodation, or still undecided on the best destination to visit; naturally, you will come across helpful information online. The truth is, no matter how good the reviews or beautiful the photos posted online, you’ll never find authentic insider information. The information you’ll find online only scratches the surface.

Most hotels have hidden fees. Sometimes, construction work might be ongoing at your chosen hotel or attraction; online travel websites won’t provide this information. But a travel agent with insider information about the destination will share it with you.

  1. When Traveling With a Group

If you’re planning a family vacation or coordinating travel for multiple people, using a travel agent can come in handy. Booking a flight from New York to London is fairly easy and straightforward. If that’s all you want this is something you can do. But if you’re looking for a flight for multiple people, it’s always easier with a travel agent.

  1. They Save You Time

Tours organized by travel agents are actually a lot cheaper and affordable. This is way cheaper than when you decide to plan the trip without professional help. Planning a trip on your own is not an easy feat. A 2016 survey reported that nearly 400 out of 1200 consumers spend more than four hours, over multiple days when planning their own vacation.

Travel agents can also help you plan a tailor-made itinerary, book flights, accommodation, and transport based on your preference – all done within the shortest time possible. For with them, you can focus on other core travel-related issues.

  1. You Can Complain in Person

No one wants to imagine having a horrible travel experience. But it can happen to anyone even when you least expected. For instance, it’s always difficult dealing with an airline especially when you have a flight problem. “If there’s an error with a reservation booked online, you’ll spend hours on the phone, or you’ll shell out additional money,” says Lauren Cardinale, a luxury-travel adviser from Atlanta.

Travel agents can help resolve problems as quickly as possible. This comes in handy especially for travelers facing language barriers. The best part is travel agents are at your services 24hours a day. Whenever you’re facing any difficulty, they are always there to help. It is, however, important that you have their customer care number handy. More so, with a travel agent, you’ll hardly encounter any problem.

  1. Local Traveling Agencies Value Your Business More

Online booking websites have a countless number of customers. And for them, you’re just one extra customer using their travel service. Regardless of the number of staff in their workforce, or how much effort they put into it, it’s highly impossible to provide a personalized travel experience that you wanted.

Travel agents, on the other hand, places top priority on customer satisfaction and improving their reputation. For these reasons, they appreciate every client that comes their way. They provide travel tips to your chosen destination. If you book your trip through a travel agent, you’ll have no regrets.

  1. Makes Travel Less Stressful

When booking your next vacation be it alone, with family or spouse, the last thing you want to do is worry about the planning process. “It is a special memory in your lifetime that should only result in a pleasant experience all the way through. A travel agent is vital in planning these special memories as they take the worry off of you and let you focus solely on the exciting events to come and what you shall pack,” said Jamie Mussolini, founder and president of Beachfronts Travel LLC in Westchester, NY.



That’s it, guys. At least one of the tips mentioned above will make you reconsider using the services of a travel agent for your next vacation. Take the stress of planning your next trip off your shoulder with a travel agent.

It is however important that you go with a reputable and licensed travel agent. Do thorough research prior to choosing one. Read online reviews, contact them, and ask a question before giving them your trust.