People can go on with an endless list of excuses for not traveling. This includes hefty airfares, limited budgets, busy schedules and so on. While this may be the case for many, others find a variety of excellent reasons for exploring the world. Indeed, going on adventures, whether planned or spontaneous, offer several different benefits. Traveling offers many benefits: learning new cultures, fond memories and new experiences. Traveling also offers another great benefit few people know about – it makes you live longer. So go ahead and pack your bags as you learn how vacations are beneficial to your health.

Traveling makes one happier

A happy person is a healthy person. When you’re happy and less stressed, you are less likely to attract sickness. A group of researchers has found that people who make time for vacation at least once or twice a year have a much lower risk of heart attack. Also, it’s been found that men who travel are 30 percent less likely to die of a heart attack. This is all because of the way traveling makes one content with their lives.

Traveling also keeps stress at bay.  It takes you away from the pressure of daily life and it helps you find a mental escape. Whether you’re traveling abroad or prefer a beach nearby, taking a break can help a person unwind. It can help clear your mind and improve your mental health.

It boosts one’s mood

If you have traveled at least once, you’d agree that even the mere planning of a vacation is a mood booster. It makes you feel excited and gives you something to look forward to. People who don’t give traveling a shot can get burned out and overwhelmed with their tight schedules. We all need downtime to feel refreshed and re-energized before tackling what reality entails.

It introduces a healthy lifestyle

When people travel, they get to explore and learn about a new culture and lifestyle. You might even adopt a new, healthy lifestyle based on your destination. In some Asian countries, like Japan, for instance, most people aren’t a fan of fried foods. They’re more interested in the raw and steamed food which means less cholesterol intake.

Traveling usually involves more physical activities. It encourages one to be more physically active through walking tours or general sightseeing. To make sure you’re ready for these, it’ll be a good idea to start warming up the weeks leading to your vacation. Take daily walks and start doing light workouts at home. You’ll feel better and might continue doing so even after the vacation.

It helps strengthens bones

It’s not traveling that may help strengthen one’s bones but the activities you take part in. This is especially true when your vacation involves a lot of hiking, trekking and soaking up the sun. Let’s admit it. We don’t usually get enough Vitamin D on a typical workday when we’re behind our desks in the office. With traveling, you get to spend more time outdoors. This helps your body absorb Vitamin D that’s important for good bone health.

It decreases the risk of depression

Another scientific study by the Wisconsin Medical Journal states that people who take a vacation at least once a year are less prone to depression. There’s no need to wonder why. It’s all about the sunshine and all the happy experiences that improve one’s mood.

It teaches new perspectives

Traveling isn’t only good for our bodies but it also impacts our outlook in life. As you meet new people, explore new places and learn about different cultures, you become more open-minded. Immersing yourself in other cultures opens your mind to the new experiences. You become more tolerant and empathetic – all which make you feel more human, more alive.

Now that you’ve found a new excuse to plan your next travel, get more tips to make your next trip a success. Visit our Simply Travel for more information.