Today I’m sharing the top 3 untold secrets of wildly successful internet entrepreneurs who are able to be international tourists.

  • Sell authentically.

Authenticity doesn’t mean you never sell anything to your audience. In fact, what you are offering is good value; hence, you deserve to be paid for what you do!

So, please remember to add a Call to Action (CTA) to some of your social media posts, e.g., at the end of a value-adding post, you mention your product or service so that the audience know what they can buy from you if they like what they see on social media.

The real purpose of having a social media presence is to sell something to your audience. You build your social media presence because social media platforms have a built-in audience.

Usually, a successful business owner has become successful because this individual is a very good salesperson. Of course, if their product or service is also good, that helps, too. But at the end of the day, it is this person’s sales and marketing skills that change the game.

Please note that good products and services are everywhere, yet outstanding salespeople are rare.

If you are starting an online business, you’d better spend most of your time selling your products or services and then prepare your products or services early in the morning or late at night! Yes, the ability to sell your offering is much more important than your offering itself!

Without sales and marketing skills, your technical skills will not work. End of story.

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  • Use “stealing and building” to your advantage.

“Stealing and building” is the best kept secret in the world because nobody talks about it, but almost every successful PR agency uses this strategy.

No, this is not copying and pasting someone else’s content. As a matter of fact, “stealing and building” means looking at a successful competitor’s work and imitate what they’ve done tactfully. Please let me explain.

Timothy is starting an online business that sells fitness and nutrition plans to customers. Because Timothy is a newbie in the online business world, he is learning from a successful competitor Ben who has already invested a lot of time and money so as to figure out the right social media marketing tactics. Timothy has noticed that Ben publishes the most important content on Facebook at 8:30pm every Sunday night because that’s exactly when most people have some time to sit on the couch and look at Facebook. Therefore, Timothy starts to do the same thing and is getting some very positive results.

Carrie has started an online business that sells clothes to mature women. As Carrie doesn’t have enough experience in the online business industry, she begins to look at a successful competitor on the Internet. This competitor uses a lot of white space on their social media page, meaning their social media page isn’t crowded at all. It seems that mature women prefer a clean look on social media! So, Carrie is implementing the same layout and is seeing much better engagement right now.

In conclusion, “stealing and building” is about looking at what successful competitors have already done and building something new. Don’t forget that a successful competitor is successful for a reason!

Better still, “stealing and building” doesn’t change who you are or what you want to express. You still grow your social media presence authentically. You still do your own thing. You just don’t want to miss out on a “fast-track” to social media success.

  • Build your confidence and personal presence.

If you’ve decided to be the spokesperson of your brand, you must build your confidence first.

This may start from consulting with a fashion stylist who can give you solid fashion advice so you know what to wear in front of a camera. It can also mean having your photos professionally taken so that you always have beautiful marketing materials on your social media pages. These will definitely, positively improve your confidence because wearing nice clothes and looking good can surely make you feel better – your external confidence directly, significantly influences your internal confidence!

“According to successful online business owners who are able to be international tourists at any time, when it comes to your personal presence, you might begin with your posture because the world judges you based on your posture alone! (You are teaching your audience how they should perceive you from your posture.) If you can’t stand in front of the camera confidently, your posture won’t be able to convey your messaging properly no matter what you actually say in front of the camera, because there is a difference between messaging and message.”