Clearly, I don’t need to emphasize the importance of social media marketing because everyone knows where people’s attention is nowadays – almost everyone is looking at social media in today’s day and age! It is true that in order to build a successful online business so that you can fully enjoy international travel, you would be well-advised to grow a social media presence.

  • You need clarity on yourself, your vision, mission, beliefs and principles.

Your social media presence has to represent who you really are if you’d like to make it sustainable in the long run.

If you fake it, this gig won’t last for a long time. Full stop.

Sidney B. Simon’s book Values Clarification is a very valuable resource because it can help you clarify your value system. You will know what’s important to you, and then you will be able to create your vision statement and your mission statement based on your key values.

For example, Miriam runs an online business that teaches people how to find an ideal job. After identifying her own values (knowledge, authenticity and helping others), she has written down her vision statement and mission statement. Now she knows that her goal is to help as many people as possible find satisfying jobs that they deserve & show her customers how to get a higher salary through negotiation and persuasion. Her primary belief is everyone should make a living by doing something they genuinely enjoy. Her basic principles are using a simple and straightforward approach to teach her customers practical strategies. As a result, on her social media pages, she only uses language that is very easy to understand – even a teenager can fully understand what she says.

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  • Master the art of storytelling.

Everyone loves a good story.

What’s more, a good story is very memorable, so it helps the audience remember what you want to express.

Before you learn the art of storytelling, you’d better find out which way is your favorite communication method: Do you like writing or talking?

If you are a great writer, your ideal storytelling platform should be somewhere you can publish written texts (e.g., Medium). But if you are an excellent speaker, you may want to tell your stories in front of a camera and then publish your videos on YouTube. Of course, you can produce a podcast if you absolutely can’t stand staring at a camera! Basically, there are only three types of content online: 1) written text; 2) videos; 3) audio files.

  • Understand the difference between engagement and likes.

Oftentimes, paramount numbers are the statistics that nobody sees.

What’s more valuable, 3,000 likes or 1,500 likes and 3,500 saves? Obviously, more saves = more engagement = more attention = more acknowledgement = a higher conversion rate = more revenue

Remember: Things that people like aren’t necessarily things that people would pay for.

You don’t have to have a large social media following because having thousands of followers doesn’t always mean making a lot of money. Let’s say someone discovers you on social media but doesn’t follow you – as long as this person pays attention to your content by visiting your social media page frequently, this person doesn’t have to be your follower in order to become a real customer.

“You can thoroughly enjoy international travel if you go somewhere very affordable while running a successful internet business.”