I’m very inspired because of a trip to Australia. After visiting Australia and spending some time there, I have decided to have a new fashion direction from now on. 😉

  • Quality VS quantity

I used to buy a lot of clothes. If I wear a different outfit every day, I wouldn’t repeat any outfit within one month. That’s how overflowing my closet has always been. But because I focused on quantity, the quality of my clothes has not been great.

My trip to Australia made me realize that quality is more important than quantity because Australians don’t buy a lot of clothes. Instead, they focus on quality. Frankly, people can’t find very cheap clothes everywhere in Australia. Most clothing shops sell high-quality clothes except Target, Kmart and H&M. My Australian friends told me that they only go shopping once a month; they don’t do shopping very frequently. Their closets aren’t crowded because they prioritize quality – every item is a high-quality product. 😊

Some very well-known Australian fashion brands are Black Friday, Dangerfield, Revive, Aje, SABA, Sportscraft, JAG, Zimmermann & Camilla and Marc. None of these is very cheap, but they are still quite affordable because most people are able to buy things from these shops (they just wouldn’t go shopping every week). Frankly, they don’t need to go shopping every week because the quality of these clothes is fantastic – they don’t need to buy new clothes all the time.

trip to Australia

  • I’m learning to prioritize quality now.

Indeed, when I was still buying clothes from discount shops, I had to go shopping more frequently because a T-shirt from Kmart could only last for a few months. Also, a jacket from H&M looked totally horrible after washing it once. Consequently, if I consider cost per wear, prioritizing quantity is actually a pretty bad approach because in a way that approach literally costs more money in reality.

If I buy high-quality clothes, I can wear them for a longer period of time, so the cost per wear is definitely lower. What’s more, I get more compliments when I wear good clothes; I feel better because I wear good clothes; I become more confident as a result.

So, I’ve decided to stop going to H&M, Kmart and Target for shopping. You know what, I remember the fitting rooms in H&M were quite dirty because people were leaving rubbish in the fitting rooms and the curtains were never washed or cleaned. There must be a reason why H&M gave me a bad impression. Additionally, because I bought so many cheap clothes in the past and they never last, I had to throw them away, which is not good for the environment – that’s a lot of rubbish. I don’t have anything against H&M or any other discount shop; I just had enough and need to change my fashion direction in future.

From now on, I will only go shopping in boutiques and department stores because fashion is important to me – wearing decent clothes makes me feel more at ease on a daily basis. A friend of mine is a fashion stylist. She told me that the fundamental difference between high-end clothes and low-end clothes is the quality of the fabric: Low-end fabric is oftentimes bad for our health because it’s usually not natural fabric and the dye may be toxic as well, whereas high-end fabric is mostly natural fabric and the dye is generally safe.

“A trip to Australia showed me a different way to approach fashion.”