We all know that 2020 was a strange year and I guess 2021 will still be confusing. In order to help everyone to feel better, achieve more and become happier, I’d like to discuss how to start the new year in the right way right now. 😊

  • 2020 reflections:

Because of the pandemic, international tourism was paused earlier this year (2020). The good news is in December 2020, scientists in several countries discovered some vaccines for COVID-19. That means when people are able to get the vaccine globally, international tourism will continue.

COVID has changed many people’s plans in a dramatic way. For example, Australian singer Darren Hayes was about to start another tour in order to connect with his fans earlier this year, but the pandemic has changed his plans. I was about to go to see some really exciting shows in theatres this year, but obviously, my plans were cancelled as well. Previously, the organization that I work for would have at least 2 parties each year, i.e., a staff party in June and a Christmas party in December. However, this year I have attended zero party. End of story.

The reason I’d like to start this blog post with my reflections in 2020 is because I can only make informed decisions after analyzing what has been happening in my life.

Here are the lessons that I’ve learned in 2020:

  • Anxiety is unnecessary.

Most people feel anxious in 2020 because of the pandemic, which is totally understandable. However, anxiety doesn’t solve any problems; it only makes people feel worse.

I think people would be well-advised to stop overthinking and start living the new normal life. Anxiety comes from overthinking as well as overmanaging life. For example, this year I have been washing my hands too frequently and probably have used too much hand sanitizer. Consequently, the skin on my hands has become thinner. Also, I’ve been worried about whether my pants have touched the toilet or the floor even when I’m at home. These concerns are so unnecessary because I never thought about any of these before the pandemic. If these worries never appeared before the pandemic, I don’t think I should start to worry too much now.

If we can relax a bit more, our immune system will become stronger, so we can handle any potential risk more effectively. 😉

  • A portfolio life lowers the risk in general.

Many people have lost their jobs due to COVID and some of my friends are going to lose their jobs in a few weeks. Frankly, a company that I have been working at for more than six years is going to be permanently shut down next month. Hence, I have to find another gig. The good news is I’ve built a portfolio life since 2015 when I was looking to lower my risk – I was working for three different companies at that time. Then due to conflict of interest, I stopped working for one company. Three years later, because of the new legislation, a company that I worked at for about 3 years was closed permanently. Now because of COVID-19, the company that I worked at for over 6 years is also going to be closed forever. Nevertheless, I still have an international tourism gig online and several other gigs – I have a portfolio life. Thus, I don’t have to worry too much in this regard, even though I must start looking for a new job in order to feel a sense of stability in the long term.

  • How to start 2021… in the right way:

Having said that, there are several ways to start the new year in the right manner:

  • Write down your New Year’s resolutions and put it where you can see it every single day.

If you can’t see your New Year’s resolutions, you won’t remember them. That’s called out of sight, out of mind.

Therefore, you must put your New Year’s resolutions somewhere you can see every day, e.g., on your fridge, on your laptop, on your desk, on the wall, etc.

Personally, my New Year’s resolutions are the wallpaper of my laptop, so I can see them every morning when I start my computer.

  • Learn something new every day.

The average individual only has about 30,000 days in a lifetime. As a result, every day is extremely important. Before the pandemic, you probably learned a lot through international tourism because traveling the world could really expand your outlook. Now you can still learn something new each day by reading books and learning online programs.

“Start the new chapter of your life in 2021.”