Every year I would make some exciting plans for my birthday. For example, last year I went to the most upmarket restaurant in the city center for my birthday dinner. The service was seriously perfect. This year, I’m planning on going to the beach and having some retail therapy – of course, I might go to the cinema as well! Making these plans makes me very excited and satisfied! Of course, whenever I have more time, I would go overseas because I’m an international traveler.

Sleep heals everything.

As I see it, sleep is a spiritual practice, so I always make my sleep a top priority. Sometimes I go to bed at 8pm or even 7:30pm.

Once I’m rested, I choose to do something joyful in the morning. Rather than check my emails when I wake up in the morning, I prefer something that gives me joy immediately. For instance, I often dance in my living room or read a fashion magazine before eating breakfast.

After having some fun, I am ready for the day.

Every week, I choose to feel sensually satisfied in different ways, i.e. receiving a therapeutic massage, eating milk chocolate and going to the movies.

I’m entitled to fun because that’s my birthright. This is my attitude towards life in general.

  • The importance of letting go of toxic relationships:

Every mental health problem has something to do with relationships. Toxic relationships may ruin your mental health. That’s why we have to let go of toxic relationships.

First of all, please evaluate the nature of a toxic relationship. If a particular relationship doesn’t make you feel good, then something is wrong because your intuition is always right. You must evaluate and examine the true nature of this particular relationship. Is this actually a one-way street? Is he/she literally an energy vampire?

Just be 100% honest with yourself because honesty is the foundation.

Second, you have to remember that you’re the most important individual in the universe. Even if that toxic person is your family member, you still need to prioritize yourself and your own life. You are only here once because you only have one life.

Truthfully, if you do not let go of a toxic relationship, you can’t be happy. So, you must set yourself free.

Third, be courageous and have the tough conversation. If someone wants to maintain a relationship with you but you know it’s a toxic relationship, you must be courageous enough to initiate the hard conversation. Remember: hard choices, easy life; easy choices, hard life.

When you are having the tough conversation, your tone and attitude must be sincere, kind and honest. Meanwhile, what you say has to be very clear. Then you will find life very liberating. I learned this technique from another international traveler.

international traveler

  • International travelers’ three happy habits:

Many international travelers that I know have the following 3 happy habits. Do you have any of these?

First and foremost, they embrace unfazeable stillness. That means they stay relaxed and calm even in difficult situations. This is the most important quality that everyone should have.

In the second place, they know the power of joy. They often travel overseas, read good books, watch comedy shows and attend high-tea parties with their friends and family. Indeed, when you do something joyful frequently, you will build sufficient happiness in your heart.

Lastly, they are fully present. When they are at work, they work hard without any distractions. But when they are having fun with their family and friends, they just enjoy the quality time without worrying about their work.

Now I’d like to discuss the importance of mindfulness. Basically, mindfulness requires you to be fully present at all times. This is paramount. Let me explain.

This morning when I was dancing to the music in my sitting room, I was distracted by my thoughts – I was wondering what the lyrics should look like while listening to a particular song. So, I entered those keywords on Google, but then I realized that I hadn’t connected my laptop to Wi-Fi yet, so I didn’t search for those keywords. I continued to dance, but then I suddenly wanted to look for something online, so I stopped dancing and looked at my laptop again. This time I connected my laptop to Wi-Fi, so I saw those lyrics on Google first. After this distraction, I couldn’t even remember what I was about to look for on the Internet! Clearly, distractions can cause memory loss.

But if I didn’t focus on my thoughts, I wouldn’t have this experience in the first place. In other words, I should have focused on my senses and sensations in my body while dancing to the music in my living room. In this way, I would be fully present and practice mindfulness, thereby getting all the benefits of doing some good workout at home.

“From now on, I will be fully present whenever I dance. That is mindful dance.”