I know the vaccine has been found, so you are excited – you really look forward to travelling internationally, right? Well, before international flights become viable again, you probably have some free time that could be used to do whatever you want. If you are wondering how to make full use of your spare time right now, you may take some notes while reading this blog post.

  • Find out what you want to achieve in your career, and then build a powerful network in that direction.


In order to travel internationally, you probably need to build a nice nest egg first. Therefore, having career success is important right now.

Remember: without social skills, your technical skills will never work. Please do not wait until you have to get a new job. You’d better start building professional relationships with individuals in that direction now. What do you want to achieve in your career? Meet those people that you need to meet as soon as possible. Always dig the well before you’re thirsty. Those individuals might introduce new opportunities to you in future. What’s more, when you’re connecting with the right people, you can learn more about what will happen after achieving your career goals – maybe you will be able to travel internationally without paying for those trips because your new employer will pay those bills?

According to my experience, all of my key opportunities in my career came from people that I know. That is to say, people in my network bring opportunities to me. My social skills provide the foundation for the utilization of my technical skills.

A study suggests that the ideal career pivots always come from business connections and career contacts rather than friends and family. Look, if your friends and family can help you, they must have done so already. As you and your friends/family share the same resources, your friends and family probably can’t give you what you want in this regard. As a result, you should totally maintain positive relationships with acquaintances and weak links who are more likely to have different resources that you need. Be sure to build a solid social network and keep nurturing this network by staying connected to these people and adding value. Your network determines your net worth. Always keep in touch with acquaintances and see how you can help them first. You need to offer them something in the first place. When you help other people proactively, they will also reciprocate due to Law of Reciprocity.

travel internationally

  • Improve your technical skills.

As you have some spare time now, you can join online programs and learn some essential skills which could help you to achieve your career goals. For instance, you may join LinkedIn Learning if you would like to learn skills such as how to build a WordPress website; you can join MasterClass.com if you are keen to learn how to negotiate.

  • How to pivot successfully:

Nowadays changing careers is commonplace. When a career change is done well, it can become the best thing ever. Based on a new study conducted by Office for National Statistics in the UK, job stayers earn a higher hourly rate than those who change their jobs; nevertheless, those who change jobs experience much higher pay growth than job stayers. (High risk = high reward) What’s more, 53% of individuals in the United Kingdom dream of changing their careers completely. If your career goal is to change your job and start something totally different, please keep reading.

First of all, you need to find out your transferrable skills. I’m not talking about how many technical skills you have right now. I mean this is actually about how you leverage your technical skills. Remember: the future always belongs to people who have mastered a few useful skills and then combine those skills creatively. Now you can ask yourself, “Which skills in my toolbox are transferrable? How am I going to combine these skills tactfully and creatively?” As you explore your answers, you will find some inspiration.

Second, you have to learn something new. If you want a new career which requires a certain qualification, you should get that qualification as soon as possible. Never stop learning new things.

“Because no one in your network likes transactions, you should nurture your network properly.”