Before I went to France, my wardrobe was very different because previously, my wardrobe was best characterized by clothes from Vero Moda and Only. Those are not bad brands, but they are more about an eccentric style. My trip to France changed the way I look at fashion permanently. 😊

  • My previous style was unconventional.

There is nothing wrong with alternative fashion, but when I was in my early 20s, my style was too unconventional. I was wearing things that were not suitable for me without knowing it. I generally bought clothes from Only and Vero Moda in the department store – those two brands had a lot of unconventional styles at that time. My makeup was heavy, too: I was wearing blue eye shadow and red lipstick every single day.

Nobody told me that eccentric clothes and heavy makeup were not right for me. Not even my fashion stylist. Yes, I hired a fashion stylist back in the day, but she only wanted to be paid, so she told me everything that I wanted to hear by further confirming that my choices were absolutely right again and again. Sad!

I think a few friends of mine wanted to tell me that my decisions were wrong, but they didn’t have the courage to tell me the truth because they didn’t want to offend me or ruin their relationships with me. Well, if we couldn’t even discuss topics like that, it probably means we were not very close friends, right?

But everything changed one day….

trip to France


  • I went to France for my 25th birthday.

When I was in my mid-20s, I wanted to go to France, so I went there for my 25th birthday. Before that trip, I never had a real relationship with men because for some reason, men didn’t like me very much, although I was young and beautiful. But after that trip, everything was changed forever.

I walked into a bookstore in France and bought a book there. That book is about elegance, i.e., the French elegance. According to the author, good men deserve good women. Good women represent elegance. In order to find a good man, I have to be a good woman who expresses elegance. Suddenly, I realized that I was doing it wrong for many years, so I decided to change my appearance and my attitude.

I bought feminine clothes from a boutique and elegant / natural makeup from a department store in Paris. At the end of that trip, I was a very different person.

After I went back home from that trip to France, I met the love of my life within 2 months. Also, everyone around me told me that I changed totally – now I’m an elegant and feminine lady. A true lady.

I married my husband and we are so in love. He says I’m the most elegant and feminine woman that he has ever met. That’s why he fell in love with me on our first date.

Our wedding took place 3 months after I met him. I know it happened quickly, but we are still happily together. We have been married for 12 years now. We have 2 beautiful children. As I’m typing this post now, I’m 36 weeks pregnant, so we are expecting another baby girl in a few weeks.

My husband is 3 years younger than me, but because I’ve maintained my elegance over the years, I look just as youthful as him. That’s the power of elegance.

In conclusion, the elegant style has upgraded my wardrobe, my mindset and my relationship status. Now my favorite fashion brands are Chanel, Ted Baker, Kate Spade and CK.

 “Emily has changed her makeup as well. Now she only wears light brown eye shadow and pink lipstick.”