Our frequent customers a short time ago were returned from a gorgeous journey through the country of three religions, such as football, food and family – from Portugal. Both of them have got an indescribable delight!

“Lisbon has subdued us and we will definitely return there again!” – the first thing they wrote on their return.

«Hotel Principe Lisboa» in Portugal, that we chose was really cozy, comfortable (both in terms of location in the city and in terms of stay) and with a high level of service. The hotel staff is very friendly, kindly and always pleased to help you. The level of knowledge of English among the staff is basic, but this is absolutely not problematic. The hotel is located near the metro and city center, which is very convenient. Our tourists are very active girls, so they left the hotel around 8am and returned back to 9 pm enjoying the color of Lisbon all day. Despite the fact that the travel time was in December – a period of instability weather – during 6 days of staying there, it was never raining.  Moreover the girls think that rain is not a problem for travelers, because Lisbon has got many amazing museums where you can hide anytime.  During the whole trip our clients were only on one excursion. Irina and Alina got into the English-speaking tour group, but the guide, as a true professional of his craft, didn’t get confused and tried to present the information in the way that everyone could understand.

After returning home grateful travelers came to our office to share their impressions and gift a small present