In order to generate a perception of ‘newness’, the new hotel on Kangaroo Island, South Australia Inn the Forest would emphasize the fact that this hotel’s theme is a combination of luxury and environmental protection. Also, different types of customers and age groups can find the right services that they want in this hotel.

  • This concept is innovative in many ways –

The hotel leverages the existing resources on Kangaroo Island and amplifies what Kangaroo Island has to offer, thereby giving customers a memorable experience in nature.

This business concept is distinctive and special because Inn the Forest allows a group of people to book their gathering here, whereas competitors usually do not encourage or allow group bookings.

This business idea can be protected by consulting with a lawyer in this industry.

  • Reaching and Influencing the Customer

Nowadays Internet marketing is the most important path to market.

There are two ways to reach the customer. First of all, Inn the Forest must have an outstanding website that is characterized by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the second place, this hotel should maintain a good social media presence by running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Because Inn the Forest will have an online booking system on its website, the target customer will find it very convenient to book hotel rooms online.

In order to build this business, two major marketing activities are essential. Firstly, the website of Inn the Forest must be SEO-optimized. This can be done by publishing blog posts regularly so Google will see the website as an active site. Further, every blog article must have the right SEO keyword density and keyword variations. Secondly, content marketing on social media is key – Inn the Forest will have a Facebook page and an Instagram page where value-adding content that look native on these two social media platforms are posted frequently.

eco-friendly tourism

  • Who Will Make or Supply the Product or Service?

Many individuals have the capabilities to build the website and manage its online presence and marketing. Nonetheless, other aspects of this business must be outsourced. There are many reliable providers in Australia. For example, Canopy Tree is a company that offers services such as wooden house design and construction. Ingram (2012) maintain that the architect has been primarily trained as a creative designer who may not understand management and commercial operation. Consequently, effective communication is surely required.

  • An interesting conclusion about eco-friendly tourism:

This concept plan has specified the ideation process, application of construct, operational philosophy and the explanation of how this philosophy exceeds operating standards in this field and why it is better than its competitors. The concept and its objectives are identified and illustrated clearly. This plan includes an image which shows an idea of what this hotel’s main wooden building would potentially look like. Details in this plan are supported by relevant theories. It is an original concept plan based on extensive research.

Inn the Forest will be an eco-friendly, user-friendly, affordable and unique hotel on Kangaroo Island. Its cost is relatively low. Meanwhile, it should attract a lot of customers – most of them are family gatherings, students and health/wellbeing retreats.

“Recommendations – After reviewing this concept plan, proceeding with this business idea is highly recommended because it is viable, practical and profitable.”