Medical retreats are different from casual retreats such as meditation retreats and spiritual retreats. More specifically, a medical retreat is where you do a thorough medical check and receive treatments. Meanwhile, you have a relaxing time at a resort. In this article, I’d like to introduce Lanserhof, a health center in Europe. Next time you go to Austria, you may consider investing in your health and wellbeing there.

  • This is a spa where affluent people go to detox.

Because a medical retreat requires medical staff, advanced facilities and a stricter diet, it is much more expensive than a standard retreat. Therefore, the average Joe probably wouldn’t go to a medical retreat at this Austrian spa. As a matter of fact, it is said that many millionaires and billionaires go to Lanserhof for this medical retreat. But you don’t have to be a millionaire or a billionaire in order to take your health seriously – a lot of middle-class people can afford this medical retreat as well, so it’s only a matter of whether they are willing to invest in their health & wellbeing.

Usually, a two-week medical retreat starts with fasting, i.e., when you arrive at the spa, the first 2 or 3 days will be a bit hard because fasting will happen at this stage. Then you will eat simple meals such as soup, potatoes and herbs from Day 4. In the second week, more foods will be added to your diet. Having said that, everyone’s diet plan is different because the plan has to be tailored according to the guest’s needs and specific situation.

Lanserhof offers many treatments such as facials and massages. A guest oftentimes would have four massages within 2 weeks. The massage therapists here are professional and attentive.

Besides, Lanserhof has a swimming pool, a library and a social area where people can meet each other and socialize. When Anna Bey was there in 2020, she met many Europeans, several Russians and a few Americans. Apparently, the target audience of Lanserhof is mostly Europeans.

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  • Key takeaways:

Most guests claim that they have benefited from the medical retreat at Lanserhof. According to several people that I’ve interviewed, here are their key takeaways from their experiences there:

  • Coffee and wine aren’t healthy beverages – just because something makes you feel good temporarily, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. At this Austrian spa, only herbal tea is offered, meaning coffee and wine are not Therefore, if someone can’t live without coffee, they have to consider this before going to this Austrian spa. Chances are if you rely on coffee every day and suddenly you can’t drink coffee anymore, you may have a headache.
  • Going to bed early is beneficial. Most guests would go to bed at 9pm when they are at Lanserhof because there isn’t much to do at night there. Obviously, this is a good habit because going to bed early is good for physical health and mental health. It is reported that people who go to bed early tend to have less anxiety.
  • Nature is your best friend. Lanserhof resort is surrounded by nature, so you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunshine whenever you go out. This experience must have a calming effect.
  • Digital detox is paramount. In modern-day society, most people live a sedentary lifestyle because most of us sit in front of a computer for many hours every day. Nonetheless, the human body isn’t designed to do that, so a lot of people have neck or shoulder issues. Individuals who attended the medical retreat generally didn’t use their laptops for two weeks. As a result, they state that the 14-day holiday feels like a 2-year holiday! Further examination reveals that looking at a computer screen for a very long time eliminates magnesium in the human body. No wonder the digital detox is so important!
  • If it’s possible, you need to do a retreat per year. Ideally, you need a medical retreat once a year. If you can’t afford that annually, at least you can have some kind of retreat each year. This can be renting a cabin in a forest or a simple retreat at home.

 “An at-home retreat is nice and easy – all you need to do is to switch off your computer and your mobile phone. Cook your own meals and eat healthy food only. Read books instead of watching TV. Write journal entries. Listen to music. Dance. Prepare a lot of herbal tea!”