December 2021

Traveling alone: solo vacations are therapeutic


I used to like the intensity of relationships, but now I’m alone (not lonely). As I get older, I started to enjoy the stability, balance and grounding in my life. That’s why I’ve been traveling alone. Don’t let crazy relationships dominate your mind. Your primary thoughts become your reality. When I was much younger, I was surrounded by people who were crazy about relationships. At that time, being single was not acceptable in my social circle. Consequently, I thought I must be in a relationship – I just wanted to fit in! 🔥 After being in a few crazy relationships, I realized [...]

Traveling alone: solo vacations are therapeutic2021-12-29T07:55:16+00:00

How culture and cuisine shape the landscape


I worked for a small restaurant for a few months in order to gain some work experience before graduation. I have realized that culture and cuisine can really shape the vision of my career in the future. Internal organization analysis: From the organizational diagnosis, it can be seen that I am able to learn much more while working for a small organization because I am encouraged to participate in almost every area of the business. Because The Hibiscus Tree is a small restaurant in Adelaide City, I have been involved in many aspects of this business: I have worked as a [...]

How culture and cuisine shape the landscape2021-12-06T10:30:35+00:00
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