This blog post is contributed by an entrepreneur and international traveler. Hopefully you will love the content here.

  • The truth about business and work/life balance:

In business, the fundamental difference between someone who lacks options and someone who has lots of options is publicity.

Whenever you can add value to someone’s life, do it without asking for anything from them. Do that as often as possible. You will become rich as a result.

Stop thinking about what you can get from others; start thinking about what you can give others. You can only get what you give.

Making decisions based on emotions usually means making wrong decisions. Effective leaders have worked on themselves to develop their abilities to keep their emotions in check when necessary.

Having more joy in life significantly reduces stress. If you give yourself permission to play, what would you do today?

No one can have the perfect work/life balance (and perfection is a joke anyway because it doesn’t even exist), but everyone can have the ideal work/life integration that works for them.

Don’t be petty. A successful entrepreneur has to master the art of letting small problems happen so that they can make big things happen.

Two Mistakes Made by Start-ups: Mistake #1: Many entrepreneurs focus on small details rather than the big picture. Mistake #2: A lot of entrepreneurs burn themselves out because they want to do everything by themselves.

When you are planning your tasks for the next day, make sure you will do the most challenging task first thing in the morning.

Do not work hard for the sake of working hard, please. Always find out your why first.

A lot of individuals put their professional development on the back burner because they are busy with busyness every day. However, professional development is the most important element in the dynamics: If you don’t keep learning and growing, your competitors will.

Before finding out your why, you must find out who you are. The more you align with who you really are, the more the universe will align with you.

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  • Listen to your inner voice.

Other people’s opinions are oftentimes more distractive than informative. You need to follow your own vision and do things you love.

Three things to remember: 1) dismiss the past; 2) stop worrying about the future; 3) live right now.

How you treat yourself is how you teach other people to treat you.

Things that you are most afraid of doing will probably bring you the most success and happiness.

If you could have exactly what you want but you could never share it on social media, would you still want that? You answer to this question will reveal whether you truly want something.

Don’t give up. Your dreams are pretty close! Be patient. Miracles usually take longer than settling does.

The more time you rest in appreciation and gratitude, the more you become a magnet to success, abundance and happiness.

The present you’re currently constructing should look like the future you’re dreaming of. What are you constructing now?

If you trade in your authenticity for being liked by others, you might experience resentment, anxiety, depression and rage.

Successful people are more afraid of stagnation rather than change.

Life is too short even with the right person. More time that you spend with the wrong person will just take away from the limited amount of time that you have left to spend with the right person.

Three reasons why you should never settle: 1) because when you settle for less, you will get less than what you settle for; 2) because when you settle, you stay in the job that you hate; 3) because when you settle, you live a mediocre life that you can’t stand.

“This article is contributed by an international traveler and entrepreneur who has kindly and generously shared their insights and wisdom with us here.”