If we follow directions from the universe and the divine, life unfolds in fascinating ways. Therefore, I always listen to my intuition and then pursue interesting things that come up.0

  • Every international trip is a good opportunity to get dressed up!

Being glamorous can be a full-time job! Because I was never glamorous when I was young, I have decided to be glamorous every single day now. So, my luggage has a lot of items that makes me feel fabulous:

  1. SABA abstract art dresses
  2. Sportscraft Liberty shirts and pants
  3. A JAG leather jacket
  4. Dangerfield socks
  5. Gorman skirts
  6. Review tops
  7. ZARA T-shirts
  8. Zimmermann sunglasses (the frame looks like stars)
  9. Klouds shoes (These are the most comfortable leather shoes in the world – they are recommended by my podiatrist who gave me shoe insert last year)!

What’s in my cosmetics bag?

  1. Clinique foaming cleanser
  2. Estee Lauder toner
  3. Lancôme serum
  4. L’OCCITANE face cream
  5. Clinique sun screen
  6. Estee Lauder makeup remover
  7. Chanel foundation
  8. MAC eyebrow pencil
  9. Dior eyeliner
  10. Maybelline mascara
  11. Bobbi Brown eye shadow
  12. Clinique blush
  13. Clarins lipstick
  14. Chanel lip gloss
  15. Estee Lauder perfume and body lotion (Beautiful)


international trip

  • The power of being fabulous:

Although I was a fashion stylist when I was in my 20s, I’m certainly not the most superficial person in the world. By that I mean I am fashion-conscious and can look really good, but that doesn’t mean I’m shallow at all.

In contrast, I’m actually a philosopher – I believe that looking amazing makes me feel good, thereby improving my mood and mindset quickly.

There is a reason why makeover shows on TV are popular – the power of looking fabulous is really impressive: It’s motivating and gives people hope. The average Jane knows that the plain Jane can be turned into a powerful goddess if she knows how!

I still remember when I was working as a fashion stylist, many clients were amazed by what they saw in the mirror – they walked into the room with low confidence, but after the transformation, their confidence levels were increased immediately. When they walked out of the room, they were literally different externally and internally because how they looked outside influenced how they felt inside. That’s why a person’s fashion can determine their confidence dramatically.

Every time when I have an international trip, I would always pay attention to different fashion brands in the destination because every country has their own definition of trendy fashion. For example, when I went to London, I noticed that English brands are the most sought-after fashion brands there, e.g., Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, and so forth. Everything has the traditional English flair and I really like the delicate details of the English style! But in Sydney, Australian brands are the best: Country Road, Dion Lee, Lorna Jane, and so on. The Australian style is more relaxed and also more comfortable. So far, my favorite jumpers are all from Country Road. I know Country Road opened a few stores in the United States but have been closed due to weak sales. Nevertheless, the US market is always hard to penetrate. Actually, Country Road has the world’s best jumpers (traceable Australian cotton). As to Dion Lee, it’s a high-end designer brand with a huge following in Australia. Of course, in New York, the most popular fashion brands are Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, etc. Each fashion brand from the United States has its own unique style because individuality is important in America.

By the way, I really like Louise Roe’s teachings on her blog and her YouTube channel. She is a true fashion icon who has inspired me to dress well and live well. 

“If every international trip is absolutely amazing, your journey will be unforgettable and can be cherished forever!”