According to modern psychology and medicine, travel is the healthiest hobby because it’s good for our physical health and mental wellbeing. Many tourists who visited Ukraine have kindly shared their insights and wisdom with us.

Ukrainian tours

  • A Ukrainian tour makes you curious and open-minded.

Have you noticed that when you are traveling, you are actually more open-minded? Research shows that tourists are more curious, so they are able to enjoy the benefits of a city (some of them can enjoy things better than local people do).

Do you remember when you were five years old, everything was exciting? That’s because you were still exploring this world in your formative years. Yet when did you stop feeling so excited?

Before you go to Ukraine, the anticipation alone will make you very excited. Therefore, every day is a good day! When you visit Ukraine, you have an open mind and you are ready to experience new things in this beautiful country.

As a young and developing country in Eastern Europe, Ukraine has an ancient history and a very rich culture. Its perfect landscape, fairytale castles, and impressive recipes are going to exceed your expectations.

You will marvel at the mosaics of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral which is one of the gems of architecture in the National Sanctuary. It contains a complex of museums as well as monuments of the ancient empire of Kievan Rus. Therefore, it is one of the most recognizable symbols of Kyiv. Its interior has 177 different palette shades, for it has preserved a large ensemble of real mosaics and frescoes of the 11th century (all made by very intelligent and creative Byzantine artists). Its bell tower has a viewing platform with a breathtaking view over the City of Kyiv.

During your Ukrainian tour, you can visit Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle. This medieval fortification’s history began in the 12th century. Before it officially became a museum, this city was a defensive construction with 175 buildings. Kamianets-Podilskyi ranks No. 3 on the list of important architectural monuments in Ukraine (right after Kyiv and Lviv). You will feel like a medieval warrior here. Incidentally, this castle is surrounded by spectacular landscapes and constitutes the ideal scenery for local festivals such as the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Don’t forget to go on a sunflower field photoshoot when you are on a Ukrainian tour. Because Ukraine is a big exporter of sunflower seed oil, there are many fields in this country. Whether on the way to the northwest region or the southeast region of Ukraine, the endless sunflower fields can be seen at all times. Of course, you need to know that the sunflower bloom season is in the summer.

Apart from that, you should totally walk through the Tunnel of Love. This green tunnel is considered the most romantic place in the world. It is in the village of Klevan. It appeared through the interweaving of bushes and tree branches over the railway in the western part of Ukraine. Couples come from all over the world to make a wish under the tunnel. It is believed that this ritual will make the relationship last and bring tremendous joy & happiness.

  • A Ukrainian tour helps you to exercise in a joyful way.

According to Dr. Christiane Northrup, sitting is the new smoking. Indeed, in modern-day society, almost everyone who works in an office has to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! That’s not a very healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, a Ukrainian tour which is best characterized by the above-mentioned activities will help you exercise more in a joyful way.

Moreover, tourists often swim, party and catch a film in Odessa. Many local Ukrainian people come to Odesa to swim in the Black Sea, party hard in the clubs on the beach and explore the beauty of life. In addition, Odessa has a wonderful historic center which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tentative List. During the summertime, Odessa becomes the cultural capital and holds an International Film Festival which includes some premieres, workshops as well as the longest red carpet on the planet.

Additionally, a Ukrainian tour usually includes going to the Carpathian Mountains, a must-visit tourist attraction in Ukraine. Its clean air will amaze you and the mountain landscape is incredibly beautiful. Mount Hoverla is the highest point in Ukraine (2,061 meters) and it is also a popular place for a camping trip. In terms of its flora and fauna, things are pretty much the same as the situation in the Alps. By the way, you should pay attention to Synevyr Lake which is also known as the sea eye of the Carpathian Mountains – Synevyr Lake was formed due to an earthquake, so it’s quite mysterious and it is an important destination in the National Park.

  • There is a saying that reading ten thousand books is not so good as traveling ten thousand miles.

When Michelle Obama went to China, she literally said, “Reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles.” That saying was adapted from a Chinese proverb.

That’s true. When you are reading books at home, you can only absorb whatever authors decide to offer in their books. Consequently, you simply receive biased opinions and subjective viewpoints based on someone else’s first-hand experiences. What’s more, most books must be politically correct, so oftentimes you can’t even see the truth.

In contrast, when you are traveling, you will have first-hand experiences because you will see things and experience adventures by yourself. You will use your own judgment to evaluate what’s happening in the world. You will have your own understanding of different countries.

Mike is a seasoned traveler who has visited Ukraine many times. He claims that Ukrainian tours have expanded his outlook and made him a more sophisticated man. He even met his Ukrainian wife when he was visiting Kyiv.

Mike joined two years ago and went to Kyiv in order to meet his lady. Without that important Ukrainian trip, he wouldn’t connect to his lady at an emotional level. As I’m typing this article now, they are happily married and are expecting their twins.

“I am an avid reader. I read 52 books per year – one book each week,” says Mike, a former member of, “Although I do acknowledge that reading has helped me to broaden my horizon, I still believe that traveling to different countries is a much better way to learn more about this mysterious and exciting world. If I didn’t visit Ukraine in 2017, I wouldn’t meet my wife. I’m glad that I took a risk and that adventure was extremely memorable, interesting and fruitful!”

“Many successful men have visited Eastern Europe repeatedly, e.g. Roosh V, Richard la Ruina, Mark Manson, George Massey, Eddie Hitchens, Richard Hood, and Yad; therefore, it can be seen that travel is a very beneficial hobby – it makes you more experienced, knowledgeable and sophisticated.”