Ukraine has become the fastest growing travel destination within Europe.

  • International dating websites offer international tours.

Reputable international dating sites such as and offer international tours, so their members can visit Ukraine to meet local ladies in Ukraine.

These international dating websites have offices in Ukraine and Russia, so they are able to vet female candidates carefully. For instance, only has Ukrainian women and Russian women who are above 25 years old because they believe that mature women are better candidates. Every female candidate must attend a comprehensive interview before they can place their dating profile on the international dating website.

The good news is both and provide their male members with international tours. That means if you are a western man looking to meet your Ukrainian lady in person, you can buy a travel package from the international dating website. In this way, you will minimize your stress and can have more time to connect with your lady.

An international tour offered by or includes flight, accommodation, translator, sightseeing, tour guide, and so on; hence, it is the most comprehensive travel package on the market.

Since men on and are looking for serious relationships rather than casual hookups, they would be well-advised to meet Ukrainian ladies in person. Also, the dating site’s Ukrainian office can organize multiple meetings with many women so that the male member will be able to choose the right candidate.

The reason and ask their members not to reveal their contact details until they actually know each other is because these international dating sites would like to protect their female candidates – they want to ensure Ukrainian ladies’ safety. Also, all meetings/dates are organized by the dating sites initially so that everything is handy and very safe.

Bob M. is a British man in his 40s. He joined last year and visited Ukraine. He met 3 Ukrainian ladies in Kyiv with the help of Simply Dating’s Ukrainian office and selected one of them. Now he is engaged to a lady from Kyiv.

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  • Advice for western men who are looking to visit Ukraine and meet Ukrainian women:

Connect with Ukrainian ladies; don’t interview them.

The international dating site that you’ve joined has already interviewed all female candidates in person, so your job isn’t to interview them anymore. In actuality, your job is to connect with the Ukrainian lady that you meet in person and then you will see whether she is the right match or not.

Don’t focus on superficial questions such as “What do you do?” because these answers are already on her dating profile – you can ask the international dating website’s Ukrainian office for this information.

Instead, you should ask her, “The agent told me that you are a writer. May I ask why you choose this profession?”

Then she will probably say something along the lines of, “I choose to be a writer because I like freedom, joy and flexibility. Writing feels like a kind of meditation.”

Now you’ve discovered her values – she highly values freedom, joy and flexibility. That’s exactly why she enjoys doing her job so much.

Why she does something takes you to connection. What she does only takes you to an interview.

Incidentally, don’t wait until everything is perfect because you are never going to be ready to start dating and having a relationship.

Taking the action makes you ready.

Just like thought leader Marie Forleo once said, “Start before you are ready”, delaying action means missed opportunities. It’s your responsibility to cultivate self-compassion and let go of perfectionism. Just cultivate gratitude and joy by letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark. Cultivate intuition and trusting faith by letting go of the need for certainty. Cultivate creativity by letting go of comparison. Cultivate play and rest by letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth. Cultivate calm and stillness by letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle. Cultivate laughter by letting go of being cool and “always in control”. That is wholehearted living.

“Be so fun and interesting that she can’t ignore you.”