Many people see international travel as a type of escapism – they leave their usual environment and experience something totally different so that they can forget about their concerns for a while. In fact, no matter what you do and where you go, feeling good is your job, so please don’t rely on external things to make you happy.

  • Nobody / nothing can disappoint you if you don’t rely on external factors in order to feel happy.

You can only be disappointed if you have expectations. Maybe you expect other people to make you happy. Perhaps you expect external things to bring you joy. These are common mistakes that most people make. I would argue that when you derive joy, happiness and confidence from yourself, you will feel invincible! 😊

Here are some ideas which will help you feel good in 2021 with or without going overseas:

First and most importantly, you can put on some music whenever you need to relax at home. I know staying at home is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but in reality, during the pandemic, most people have to work from home these days. Consequently, it’s a bit hard to truly relax at home nowadays. Research shows that music has a soothing effect because it’s a signal which tells your brain to switch off for a while and chill. Never underestimate the power of the sound you hear – it directly influences your brainwaves according to neuroscience. My favorite music is Norah Jones’s songs such as Don’t Know Why, Come Away with Me and New York City. Her voice eliminates anxiety instantly and every song feels like a glass of fine wine!

In the second place, you can decide when to cook less and when to cook more. Many experts would tell you to cook every meal at home by yourself, which is fair enough. But in my opinion, this really depends on your schedule and your circumstances. Sometimes you have more free time at home, so you can cook more by yourself. However, sometimes your life is hectic, so you may order more food from restaurants – there is nothing wrong with that. Just be flexible and do what makes you feel good! 😉

going overseas

  • How to derive happiness within you:

I know many women who suffer from anxiety whenever they are dating someone or in relationships with men. I understand that the current dating climate isn’t ideal for women, so worrying about their relationships is understandable. Nevertheless, when you derive happiness within you, you take your power back. So, it’s time to stop giving your power away & let someone else decide how happy you can feel!

The first step of this transformation is to identify your strengths. What are you good at? Be proud of your skills, knowledge and capabilities. Nobody can take these things away from you!

The second step is to use your strengths to your advantage. For example, instead of having one job for the rest of your life, you may build a portfolio career which allows you to use multiple skills that you have.

The third step is to find fulfilling activities that you can do all by yourself. I call this the art of a solo dance. You can only have a happy relationship if you have already mastered the art of a solo dance. Period.

I have found many fulfilling activities that I can do when I’m alone:

  • Reading – I’m a very avid reader. I usually read a book per month. I read physical books and eBooks. I also listen to audiobooks when I’m at the gym.
  • Writing – I write many articles for different websites each month, so I’m a professional writer. I really enjoy writing because it’s so joyful (it’s also a kind of meditation, in my opinion.)
  • Dancing – I learned how to dance when I was young and I still enjoy doing it now. When I wake up in the morning every day, I dance to pop music first. It energizes me immediately. (This works better than coffee!)
  • Traveling the world – I’ve been to many countries because I’m the most curious person that I know. Instead of traveling with friends and family, I prefer traveling alone so that I can meet new people more easily.

“Feeling good is the foundation of Law of Attraction.”