It turns out that the closer you are to the emotion of joy, the more easily you attract what you want. The emotions you feel become the energy you emit. You must protect your energy because it’s your point of attraction. The good news is traveling in Europe gives you good energy.

  • My friend’s story:

I have a friend who moved to Europe from America. He decided to leave the United States when he was 29 years old after a divorce. He told me that moving countries is a great way to change his vibration energy because the new environment leads to energy shift in a tremendous way.

As he lifts himself out of a low-vibration state and move up the emotional scale, his point of attraction shifts with every step: from stress to joy, from joy to empowerment. When he leans toward joy in any situation, he actually changes the vibrational frequency of what’s happening around him.

Our resistance to joy blocks us from attracting whatever it is we want. When we embody an energy of joy and appreciation, we release resistance. That’s why traveling in Europe is therapeutic – the more fun you have, the closer you get to attracting what you desire. Sometimes you have to stop focusing so hard on your desires so as to attract them into your life. It’s not that you ever lose the desire. The desire is always with you. It’s just that focusing on its absence actually deflects it, whilst having fun brings you closer to receiving your desire. Taking the focus off your desire and redirecting your energy toward joy and freedom shifts you to a more positive point of attraction.

When you are in Europe, fun can come from the simplest acts. Going to elegant restaurants, attending concerts, and a walk in the nature are all great activities to do in Europe. If an activity brings you a sense of contentment, warmth, excitement, satisfaction or happiness, it’s fun! When you lean into a joyful and fun experience, you move yourself up the emotional scale.

Some people travel the world when they need a break from work. Indeed, in our culture, even if we do achieve a goal, we immediately zero in on the next goal to accomplish. Living from achievement to achievement is a highly addictive pattern which holds us back from completely enjoying the richness of life. Hence, it’s very important to have fun along the way to what you desire – it’s okay to have a break and travel for several weeks. In fact, a power couple that I know took a year off and spent their 1-year honeymoon in Europe. They told me that assuming an energy of appreciation and joy is the fastest way to achieve success. As a matter of fact, the more fun they have, the more they speed up the manifesting process, because having fun along the way shifts their energy to certainty. When happiness becomes your default, you become certain that things will work out. In this way, you will also learn to depend on your own capacity to access joy and appreciation instead of needing it from an outside source.

No amount of money, credential, achievement, or romance can give you the sense of certainty your own joy can offer. When you are ready to travel the world and expand your outlook, the Universe supports you, as you can practice having fun along the way from now on.

visiting Europe

  • Explore this world:

This world is full of amazing things for you to explore. Yes, there are so many exciting things to experience and the number of missed opportunities is scary. Time has wings – now we are entering a new decade soon! If you think you are young, soon you’ll be old; if you think you are old, soon you’ll be older.

Human beings are not biologically programmed to stay stagnant forever. We are all programmed to experience what this world has to offer and stay active forever. It’s time to explore this world now.

“I understand that many people work really hard because they want to achieve success in their careers. Meanwhile, the society tells us that we should strike a balance because work/life balance is paramount. However, balance while establishing your career is probably a myth. But you don’t have to be miserable before you can be successful. I mean you can have a lot of reward along the way to success – in this day and age, a lot of people run online businesses or do freelance work on the internet, so they can travel internationally while making money on their laptops.”