Some individuals have lots of experiences; nevertheless, none of those experiences is high-quality. By contrast, some people have fewer experiences, but each experience is high-quality. In my opinion, quality is always more important than quantity in almost every area of life, including travel experiences, dating experiences as well as work experiences.

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  • Quantity VS quality.

Let’s say you’ve joined a dating site and now you are looking for love. At the very beginning, you’d better contact more women because you don’t really know who is the right person yet – you have to talk to more ladies so that you will find the one.

Indeed, if you choose one out of one option, chances are it’s a pretty lousy choice. However, if you choose one out of many options, you are much more likely to find the right woman faster. 

In that case, quantity leads to quality. Having options makes you feel confident internally because it gives you abundance.

Here is another scenario: You are looking for a job. If you only apply for one job, chances are it’s not going to work – may be the hiring manager wouldn’t consider you, or perhaps they didn’t notice your application amongst 1,000 emails. Nevertheless, if you apply for 500 jobs, at least some of them will consider you, right? And then you can decide which job you actually want!

Now let’s look at a business analogy: You are looking for customers for your business. If you only speak to one potential customer, chances are they wouldn’t be interested in your product or service. Nonetheless, if you speak to 10,000 people, some of them will become your real customers!

Now you’ve understood why quantity results in quality. 😉

  • Quality is more important than quantity.

Just now I’ve explained why quantity actually matters – in order to find a quality, quantity definitely matters. Now please let me explain why quality is still more important than quantity.

The initial stage of doing anything is about quantity. But after the initial stage, quality surely matters more.

If you have started a relationship with someone, it is your responsibility to make sure this relationship is high-quality. Now, this is all about quality rather than quantity. 

More exactly, a man can be with his wife 24/7, but if they don’t communicate effectively, their relationship isn’t going to work, as evidenced by the higher divorce rate during the pandemic when many couples have to spend 24/7 together and they can’t stand each other!

That means quality becomes more important in a long-term relationship.

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  • The importance of your network:

My best friend Louise is about to be laid off due to the pandemic. When all of her co-workers are stressed out, she has landed a new position already, even though she only knows one or two people in that city (she is an immigrant), whilst all her co-workers are local people who have lots of friends in the local area.

Louise’s day job is teaching creative writing at university. However, COVID-19 has affected the university’s revenue, so her department will be permanently shut down. But Louise has had a side hustle for about five or six years, meaning she has an online business that allows her to have clients all over the world, and one of her clients is a local business owner. 

Because Louise treats every client very well, she established a very high-quality relationship with the local business owner. Now she needs to get a new job, so she spoke to the local business owner about it. Within 24 hours, the local business owner gave her a job – now she is the local business owner’s secretary. 

I always wanted you to work for me full-time because I know you are very intelligent,” says the local business owner, “Now we are on the same page.”

Clearly, Louise understands this principle: you have to dig the well before you are thirsty. If you need to find a job and now you start to build relationships with other people, that’s already too late.

75% of jobs are found through people’s networks rather than online. Therefore, it is very important to build a powerful network, a high-quality network. Louise’s co-workers at university may know a large number of people in the local area, but those relationships are probably not high-quality relationships. Yet Louise’s relationship with that client is amazing, so basically, she has got a job that was not advertised on the Internet – that’s the hidden job market that is purely based on high-quality relationships.

“No matter it’s travel experience, dating experience or work experience, quality is much more important than quantity.”