The real reasons behind the popularity of traveling to Ukraine

Ukraine is a very popular place when it comes to tourism. More exactly, a growing number of overseas visitors are going to Ukraine each year. But why has Ukraine become the fastest growing travel destination in Europe?

going to Ukraine

  • Ukraine is a very safe country.

We all know that many people who pose as “immigrants” and “refugees” are moving to Europe these days, hence the safety issue in many European countries right now. But “immigrants” and “refugees” aren’t moving to Ukraine because Ukraine isn’t a First-World country.

Note that those who pose as “immigrants” and “refugees” only want to move to First-World countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom and France. Therefore, Ukraine is a relatively safe place in Europe nowadays.

As a matter of fact, a large number of British and French citizens have moved to countries such as Australia because Australia has more strict laws when it comes to accepting refugees. Every refugee who moves to Australia must have an official certificate from the United Nations which says this individual is a legitimate refugee. Since Australia is a safer country among First-World countries, a lot of British and French citizens have moved to Australia.

Apparently, Ukraine is much safer than countries like France and the UK in Europe, so Ukraine is a more popular travel destination unless you venture into the war zone which accounts for a tiny part of the country’s territory in the far east.

Hence, it is clear that all major cities in Ukraine are very safe, have a high police presence and are friendly towards foreign visitors.

  • Major hotels, restaurants, and bars in Ukraine have English-speaking staff.

If you’ve ever visited countries like China, Korea, and Japan, you probably know that staff at their major hotels, bars, and restaurants don’t speak English at all.

In contrast, major restaurants, hotels, and bars in Ukraine definitely have English-speaking staff, so life is easier in Ukraine if you decide to travel to Ukraine.

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  • Ukraine is a shopping paradise.

In Kyiv, you can go to Gulliver, Ocean Plaza, and Riviera Shopping City to do some local shopping because these are the biggest shopping malls in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Of course, there are many valuable souvenirs that you can buy when you visit Ukraine:

  1. Petrikivka Painting: This is an art form that marvels. This folk painting was created in Petrikivka of a Dnieper region (that’s a small town). When you visit Ukraine, you can buy spoons, mugs, plates, caskets or other decoration items adorned with Petrikivka Painting. This can be a beautiful gift for family or friends. It is said that Petrikivka Painting is officially under the protection of UNESCO.
  2. Vyshyvanka: Obviously, Ukraine has managed to bring the element of the national costume to a new level. Whether created as a shirt or a dress, it is a precious gift that has practical application. It is reported that the most popular designer of Ukrainian Embroidery is Vita Kin. This art form has conquered the world’s fashion weeks as well as the poshest Parisian showrooms.
  3. Vinok: This is a floral wreath which is a part of the Ukrainian national costume which has spread its influence beyond its traditional dimension. Many colorful items have ribbons and beautiful floral crowns. The full Ukrainian wreath consists of twelve flowers – cornflower, milfoil, cherry blossom, chamomile, chrysanthemum, peony, and so forth.
  4. Kyiv cake: If you visit Kyiv, you must try Kyiv cake. Yes, you read that right. I said “must”, not “should”! This is the most scrumptious and authentic gift from Ukraine. Local people in Ukraine also buy Kyiv cakes to treat their family and friends because it is so good. All Roshen shops in Kyiv sell Kyiv cakes!

Incidentally, the average monthly salary in Ukraine is very low (just over US$300 per month in 2019). As a result, the cost of living in Ukraine is also very low. That means if you are a visitor from a western country, chances are you can afford to live like a king in Ukraine!

  • Ukrainian cuisine is the most delicious cuisine in Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian soups are very healthy. For instance, Borscht is a vegetable soup that consists of cabbage, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, dill and garlic. Since there are more than thirty varieties of Borscht in Ukraine, this soup may have fish or other meat in it. Kapusnyak is a soup that consists of salo, cabbage & pork and served with sour cream. Rosolnyk is a soup that includes pickled cucumbers. Solyanka is a thick soup: It’s spicy and sour – It includes fish, meat or mushrooms as well as many different vegetables and pickles. Zelenyj borshch is also known as “green Borscht” – it is a broth or water-based soup with vegetables and sorrel – it is served with sour cream and eggs. Yushka is a clear soup that consists of different kinds of fish like bream, carp, ruffe or wels catfish.

How can you forget desserts in Ukraine?

No, you can’t. Kutia is a traditional Christmas dish that consists of wheat, poppy seeds, honey, nuts, and other delicacies. Pampushky consists of sweet dough which is similar to doughnut holes. Tossed with sugar, this dessert has the rose preserve traditionally, yet it can also be filled with other sweet fillings or poppy seeds. Syrnyky is fried quark fritters (with or without raisins). It is served with jam, honey, apple sauce or sour cream. Torte includes a wide variety of cakes such as Trufelnyj, Prazhskyj, and Kyjivskyj. They are made without flower. Instead, they are made with ground walnuts or almonds, so this is a healthy choice. Zhele is jellied fruits such as pears and cherries. Sometimes you can even taste chocolate/milk jelly. Varennya is a whole fruit preserve that has fruits such as berries in sugar syrup.

As to Ukrainian beverages, you probably know that non-alcoholic beverages are very popular in Ukraine because most Ukrainian people are very health-conscious. Typical Ukrainian beverages include mineral water (strongly carbonated), Kompot (a sweet drink made of fresh fruits/berries or dried fruits boiled in hot water), Uzvar (a type of sweet beverage made of dried apples, prunes and pears), Kvass (a sparkling beverage brewed from sugar, yeast and dried rye bread), Kefir (milk fermented by both lactobacillus bacteria and yeast – it tastes like yogurt).

“Traveling to Ukraine means experiencing the best in Eastern Europe.”