Based on my observation over the years, successful world travelers tend to use some very powerful tools – maybe you can learn a thing or two from them today.

  • Journals, programs and systems:

A lot of successful people use journals. For instance, Max runs an 8-figure business which has been automated already, so he has lots of free time to travel the world. Every morning, he writes in his journal first before he starts the day officially. He says journaling is the best way to stop overthinking as it gives him the clarity that he needs.

Max also values education and online learning is a priority in his life. He is constantly studying online programs about communication skills, human dynamics and business management.

“A large number of people save their money very carefully, yet in terms of their time, they spend it like a billionaire,” says Max, “Everyone should value their time because time is the most valuable asset. So, I use a calendar and a diary to keep my life organized.” Max recommends time management systems to everyone who is looking to manage their time and energy well.

  • The art of saying no:

There is a very inspirational movie called Yes Man which shows us how to expand possibilities in daily life and become more empowered. This is a good strategy if you are looking to explore new things. However, sometimes you should say no.

In truth, a wise world traveler says yes when they want to experience more things and says no when they are discerning.

If you’d like to experience more, it’s perfectly okay to say yes. For instance, when you start a new company, you should say yes to each opportunity when it arises.

Nevertheless, when you have a lot of opportunities, you must learn to be discerning. You have to decide which opportunities are helpful and which opportunities are unhelpful because they are distractions that pose as opportunities.

What’s more, saying no shows your high standards. Those who can’t say no generally don’t know what they truly want. That also indicates lack of standards.

When something is a bit off or can’t satisfy your expectations, you would be well-advised to say no.

Also, saying no makes you assertive and firm. Because we were taught to be polite when we were young, it’s hard for a lot of us to say no. But that’s exactly why switched-on world travelers say no frequently: They are assertive as ironically, if you aren’t an alpha person, the only individual who will take care of you is yourself.


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  • How to overcome overthinking:

Overmanaging life and overthinking are the real reasons why a lot of people are highly stressed these days. A wise world traveler tends to think less and get things done.

A psychologist in the United States claims that focusing on senses rather than thoughts can calm you down. Just focus on what you can see, hear, smell and feel in this moment because your senses have a calming effect. By contrast, thoughts can be noises in your head. Please note that not every thought deserves your attention because it’s not always useful information.

Apart from that, keeping a to-do list alleviates anxiety. For example, Kate Northrup’s to-do list has two components: 1) ‘my to-do list’; 2) ‘the Universe’s to-do list’. She just does what’s in her control and delegate what’s outside her control to the very powerful Universe.

Besides, dealing with one detail at a time is another tool that successful world travelers use. Too many details will overwhelm you, so you should handle one detail at a time. This will surely reduce the stress you feel instantly and help you concentrate effectively.

  • Advice from world travelers who are successful entrepreneurs:

When you start a business, you need macro patience and micro speed. It means in terms of the overall blueprint, you should be patient as it will take a long time for the business to become wildly successful. That’s absolutely normal. Yet when it comes to daily operations, you must do things fast. That means you are supposed to respond to clients’ emails quickly, generate leads quickly, etc. With this mindset, your business has a much better chance of becoming very successful.

Moreover, courage is always more paramount than ideas. Please do not spend 80 days fine-tuning a business idea. So long as the idea is down-to-earth, you should try it. The faster you take action, you sooner you will receive real feedback. Just get the car moving!

A lot of individuals have outstanding ideas. Nonetheless, very few of them have the courage to implement their ideas.

In my opinion, fine-tuning an idea for months is merely an avoidance activity.

“At times, you need to change your goals rather than hit your goals. After a while, you will see what’s working and what’s not, so you should be well-calibrated and adjust your action based on the real feedback.”