Since this website has asked me to write a new article about how to be stylish during an international trip, I’d like to share some interesting ideas with you today.

  • How to be a fashionista during an international trip:

Being a fashionista doesn’t mean you have to wear the most expensive clothes. Of course, the quality of your clothes is important, but sometimes it’s also about the creativity that your clothes can express.

Several years ago, I bought a pair of sunglasses from Chanel’s boutique in Europe. The sales assistant used the Chanel ribbon to tie the shopping bag. I love the ribbon so much that I repurposed it. The beautiful ribbon is often around my neck these days. I think I’ve been wearing the Chanel ribbon more frequently than the Chanel sunglasses because it’s so versatile and practical.

What’s more, it looks better than a typical necklace because it has a certain flair that is absolutely unique. Interestingly, when I was a child, I often liked the box that the toy comes in much more than the toy itself – I always think outside the box.

Therefore, can you come up with different ways to wear what you have or repurpose some items in your closet? Maybe you can get something that will even surprise yourself? Let me give you some ideas:

  1. You can go to a bridalshop and buy some of those accessories, e.g., beautiful hair clips with artificial diamonds, flower bracelets, etc. You don’t have to be a bride to wear any of them.
  2. Next time when you see shoes that you absolutely love in a shop, you can buy two different colors. That means you will have 2 pairs of shoes (the same style). If you buy a pair of greenshoes and a pair of yellow shoes, be sure to mix and match – you’ll wear one green shoe and one yellow shoe when you go out. (This is not weird because Sarah Jessica Parker’s website has new products like that!)
  3. Use your pink lipstickas your eye shadow. You’ll see how pretty your eyes look.
  4. Instead of wearing black eyeliner every day, why not wear blue/purple eyeliner instead?
  5. Instead of wearing black mascara every day, why not wear red/brown mascara instead?

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  • Investing in your wardrobe is a good idea.

Before I turned 36 years old, I never had any really good clothes to wear. The most expensive item in my closet was under $100 from Princess Highway. I usually went shopping at Kmart, Target and H&M until something dramatic happened:

In 2020 the pandemic started, so I lost a very decent job. Therefore, I had to figure something else out. At that time, I found a new job in a bed shop where mattresses and beds were sold. Because my manager told me to wear formal clothes, I bought some nice clothes from a department store. That was a lifechanging experience because I never knew high-quality clothes can make me feel that good! The design, the fabric, the quality…. I love everything about great clothes.

Actually, the manager at the bed shop told me that my new clothes were not good enough because they are a very premium bed shop. Long story short, I left the bed shop because they told me to leave (the manager said I didn’t wear makeup at work and that was not formal enough according to her standards). Anyway, I went to a job interview at a clothing shop one week later. As I was wearing fantastic clothes that I bought from the department store at the job interview, the clothing shop manager was very impressed with my style. I was hired within 24 hours.

That’s why I believe that investing in my wardrobe is a wonderful idea because it can change my destiny. If I had worn something from Kmart at the job interview in the clothing shop, I wouldn’t have been hired by the clothing shop manager.

Therefore, whenever I have an international trip, I always go to local clothing shops and buy clothes as souvenirs – I don’t want to miss out on opportunities that may change my life again.

“Dot went to England and bought an outfit from Vivienne Westwood. She felt energized when she was wearing her new outfit. As she was hanging out in a bar in London, she was approached by an English guy who became her husband. Dot says thanks to the purchase from Vivienne Westwood, she is married to the man of her dreams.”