Depression is a vague subject, it’s never just a sad or unhappy feeling. It is not something that will just snap out of your system or completely disappear upon waking up. Depression is unique to every person and it demands special care and attention. Treatments may be available, however, what may work for one may not be effective for the other. 

Looking for alternative ways to combat depression is a great way to help us change the way in which depression is perceived. It also encourages us to open up to various experiences that will help control depression effectively and regain the much-needed energy and clarity that will help us move forward positively.

Depression and Travel

Although, there has been no proven scientific explanation on the positive impact traveling has on our mental well being, many people have claimed that traveling to a new place has helped them feel happier. It has been said that encountering different situations, places and people has allowed them to fight depression in a natural way. 

Oxytocin and endorphins play an important role in the chemistry of our brain and the way our emotions or moods affect the way we perceive thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Through the different experiences we get from traveling, the endorphins and oxytocin are released in various ways. 

Here are 5 ways to show how traveling can help you fight depression, improve your mood and give a positive outlook on life:

New Associations

At home, everything you see or get in contact with reminds you of your present situation, the reason why you are depressed in the first place. Traveling allows you to see things differently, be in a new environment, interact with strangers, and experience new adventures. Such feelings make you focus more on what lies ahead rather than on your current depressed situation. New associations bring about new emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It also helps you break free from the feeling of sadness that you are feeling. If you are traveling solo, interact with strangers as much as you can. Talk to the barista from the local coffee shop or make friends with the receptionist at the hotel you are staying at.

Wider Imagination

It has been widely known that experiencing new culture allows you to become more open-minded. Somehow, learning about new cultures makes us see things from a different perspective. People we have never met before or things we have never tried will actually surprise us. This makes us more receptive to new ideas and alternatives. Exposure to unfamiliar surroundings is one of the best holiday trips ever.

Boosted Happiness

One of the largest boosts in a person’s happiness comes from anticipating a holiday break. Just planning your upcoming trip is good enough to lighten up your mood. This feeling could actually last for up to eight weeks. To make sure that you maximize this feeling and make it last after your trip, schedule relaxation time as much as possible on your travel plans.

Unleashed Creativity

While traveling may not really help you enroll in a painting or dance classes, the small or big decisions you have made during those times you were traveling, will make you return home more ready to take on any challenges that come ahead. Traveling helps you learn more about yourself and discover your inner self. You will be surprised at how creative your mind will be after that much-needed break.

Time to Recharge and Reflect

Hiking a mountain trail? Rock climbing? Lying on a beach listening to waves crashing on the shore? Travel gives you an opportunity to do things at your own pace at your own time. It helps to relax your mind without the pressure of meeting a deadline or making sure everything at home is organized. Being in a new environment allows you to rethink about your choices and figure out what really makes you happy. Remember that the best decisions are made when you are stress-free.

Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a long trip, indulge in a trip once in a while. While it may not be a quick fix to battle depression, it’s the little things you do before, during and after the trip that makes a big difference. The experiences and interactions traveling give, offers hope and an opportunity to look forward to a bright new day. For more travel tips, contact Simply Travel.