One of the most challenging things to do is learn how to survive a long haul flight. Whether for work or for a holiday, the experience can be a hassle if you are not armed with the right tools to consider during your trip. So on your next holiday, make sure to have a hassle-free journey. Here are some tips to get you through.

Book your tickets in advance

Hoping that the price of the tickets will drop or have promo fares nearing your flight and delaying your booking, won’t up your chances. Some airlines charge a higher price for tickets nearing the flight departure. Buying your tickets as early as possible will give you inner peace of mind in the next few weeks leading to your flight. With an early booking, you have ample time to pre-select your seats to fit your needs, like wanting to stretch your legs mid-flight, exit row preference or easy access to the aisle. Booking your tickets in advance also minimizes overpriced cancellation fees when emergency situations arise and need your flight cancelled. 

Wear a comfortable outfit

One  very popular tip on how to survive a long haul flight is wearing your most comfortable outfit. By doing so, you come prepared to fight the hassle.  Don’t stick to an outfit that makes it hard for you to move freely. Save your fashionable pieces for when you get to your destination. When traveling, your priority should always be your comfort and not your outfit. 

Experts actually recommend wearing compression socks during long flights to reduce swelling and decrease risks of blood clots. If you are really concerned with how stylish you want to look, you may opt to wear layering scarves and jackets which you can also remove when the temperature calls for it. Unless you came right off a business meeting, if that is the case make sure you bring a flexible warmer. 

Come prepared with a quality travel pillow, your own earphones/headphones and a good sleep mask

If you’re bound to a far destination that requires a minimum of 12 hours or so, make sure to invest in the right pair of ear plugs that will stay in your ears and fit well. The last thing you want is to hear unwanted screams of babies, uncontrolled kids, couple fights and nagging parents. Investing in noise-reducing headphones will help you get the sleep you need in long flights too. 

Also, don’t compromise not bringing your own to the thought that some airlines have built-in ones. Remember that what’s put in planes are usually generic and a size that fits no one specific. As for pillows, this tip comes super handy on how to survive a long haul flight since a relaxed sleep is what it aims for. Invest in quality memory pillows that won’t shrink or deflate unwantedly, and also not give you a stiff neck for lack of comfort.

Choose the right snacks for the flight and hydrate as much as possible

Whether you pre-ordered in-flight meals, or packed your own snacks, it is important to consider what you are going to nibble during your flight. Avoid spicy ones that may irritate your tummy. The last thing you want is to have a bad case of diarrhea up in the skies. Stay away from food that emits a strong odor too. Don’t be an inconvenience to other passengers. It is safe to bring your own bottle of water, a bag of baked chips, salted crackers and mint candies. When ordering in-flight meals, make sure to choose the ones you are comfortable eating and have no allergies with the ingredients on it. Ask the cabin crew if you are uncomfortable with the taste and have them replace if you’re uneasy about it. Skip having heavy meals and alcohol too. They will keep you awake for a longer time and you won’t feel as comfortable. 

Stay hydrated as much as you can during long flights. Recycled air mixed together with cabin pressure, your body will need a lot of hydration to keep it functioning well. Make sure to drink at least 8 ounces per hour to combat the possible bacteria build-up in your system. Dehydration is also a reason for severe jet lag. Coffee is also a good option just as long as your body doesn’t have a negative reaction to it. Though, choose a decaffeinated one if you wish to get some sleep. 

Moisturize and skip the makeup

Your skin needs to breathe with the dry air it’s dealing with. A good moisturiser is your best friend on how to survive a long haul flight.  Applying a serum and a moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated from the dry and recycled cabin air and pressure. Also, make sure they come in less than 100ml so they can pass security. Don’t forget to take care of your eyes too. Aside from the eye mask, protect them from getting irritated and counteract them with eye drops. Skip the heavy makeup and make do with a tinted lip tint/moisturizer instead. Your made-up look can wait until you’re settled in your arrival. 

Keep your blood flowing and get up every few hours

The pressurized cabins give lesser oxygen to passengers and staying in the cabin for long periods of time can cause fatigue, headaches, migraines, swollen limbs and even dehydration. Stretching can be the best solution for it. You can try walking up and down the aisle to boost the flow of blood in your system. Simple exercises like rotating your ankles and stretching your legs will also help you survive a long haul flight. 

Secure your belongings at all times

During long haul flights, travelers with bad intentions have a lot of time to plan a robbery act. They will have many ideas and strategies to distract you when they are after your gadgets, money or wallets. Keep the most important items like your passport, credit cards, wallets and gadgets closer to you when you want to sleep. Also make sure to keep a close watch on your hand-carry luggage. 

A tip could be resting your feet on your luggage or if you have a smaller bag, hug it while you sleep. This way, when someone attempts to steal it from you while you’re asleep, things will move and poke you, signaling your body that someone is attempting to steal your belongings. For stow-away luggage, protect them with codes you know by heart and are hard to guess. Make sure to name your belongings with name tags too. And while choosing your luggage, opt for a unique design so that you won’t run the risk of switched bags.

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