I totally understand that kind of uncertainty – you don’t know what will happen; the economy is weak due to COVID-19. Many individuals have already lost their jobs in the pandemic. Therefore, the ability to land a job in trying times is absolutely crucial.

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  • Your network directly determines your net worth.

The best time to build a very powerful network was 20 years ago; the second-best time is now.

Here is my philosophy: You must dig the well before you get thirsty. Please do not wait until you really have to land a job. You would be well-advised to build a powerful network as quickly as possible.

But if you do not have a powerful network right now and you really need to land a job at the moment, don’t stress. Here are a few ways to do it:

  1. Identify a list of individuals that you helped previously. Although you and these individuals aren’t necessarily very close friends, these people will most likely help you because of Law of Reciprocity.
  1. Contact everybody that you know & tell everyone that you are currently looking for a job. If you do not ask for help, nobody can help you.
  1. Proactively ask friends and family to offer some support. Even if they cannot give you a new job, perhaps their co-workers and bosses can.

More than 76% of jobs are found via people’s network, so building a powerful network is very important.

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  • Leverage LinkedIn.

In today’s day and age, it’s necessary to have a LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, you do not exist online work-wise.

Identify which organizations you want to work for and search these organizations’ names on LinkedIn. You’ll see the managers of these organizations.

If you have many connections on LinkedIn, maybe some of your connections know these managers. Hence, you may ask your existing connections to introduce you to these managers.

Then you can send your CV to the right individuals directly.

  • Don’t ignore job boards.

Let’s say your CV is very well written and you have got phenomenal job interview skills, because you are highly charismatic and very charming. In this case, it’s very likely for you to get a job through job boards.

A few popular job boards are LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed. I know there are a lot of good job boards online; thus, you may do some extra research so that you can find out which job board suits you & the field you work in.

  • Recruitment agencies are the best.

This is my favorite – applying for jobs on recruitment agencies’ websites. Because recruitment agencies must make money from organizations that hire people, these agencies have to send candidates to job interviews. Better still, if you are a job seeker, chances are you will attend a job interview in the recruitment agency’s office because organizations outsource recruitment to these agencies already.

During the pandemic, most job interviews eventuate via telephone or on Zoom. So, maybe you don’t even have to go to the recruitment agency’s office in order to get a job these days.

Because there are usually a large number of recruitment agencies in one city, every recruitment agency’s website isn’t full of candidates’ applications. If a job board receives 1,000 resumes per opening, a recruitment agency’s website may only receive 10-20 resumes per opening. Clearly, you are more likely to get a job via a recruitment agency. 😉

Once you’ve got a stable job, you will be more relaxed – now you can save money for your next international trip!

“In order to save money for international trips, you need to have financial security. This can be achieved by finding a good job.”