If you’ve had a difficult time such as COVID, a divorce or a breakup, maybe you are wondering how to build a life that you enjoy waking up to every day, right?

  • Create a life that you absolutely love.

Do you have any weird interests, passions and hobbies? Frankly, I have many, e.g., being a ghost-writer, going to karaoke, dancing in my living room, etc.

Can you share your passions and hobbies with other people? If you have some friends who would like to do interesting things with you, why not invite them to your next activity?

If you don’t have anyone who can share your hobbies and passions, it’s time to go to MeetUp.com where you can build a tribe of like-minded individuals. 😊

Years ago, I read Bronnie Wares’ book about dying people’s top regrets, including “I wish I had let myself be happier; I wish I hadn’t been afraid to be myself”. Therefore, I’ve decided to lean into the things that scare me slightly that I know I have been putting off. I take action which gives me butterflies nowadays.

You can do the same thing – you can challenge yourself to some degree and do something authentic. Be who you really are rather than the person that other people expect you to be.

 international travel

  • Your real world is much bigger than you think.

Each time you lean into being enthusiastic, sharing your passion, moving forward, meeting new people, planting seeds for your future success and exploring a new project, your world automatically becomes bigger.

You don’t need to wait for a sign from the Universe. All you need to do is to make a decision and take action accordingly.

The real difference between someone who feels hopeless and someone who remains passionate after a bad breakup is this: the passionate person finds a much bigger purpose, puts all pieces back together, reconnects with people, processes the sadness and decides it’s time to move on

If you wait for signs from the Universe, you might wait for a very long time, which is totally unnecessary. What’s more, what if the Universe only gives you a dark silence?

So, you either wait or create in life. Simply go out. Share your passion with other people. Take some action. Show yourself that you still care about yourself. 

  • Emotions are energy in motion.

I know women are more emotional than men most of the time, but that’s only what we can see. As a matter of fact, men feel everything that women feel; men just don’t show everything they feel.

Because women are more likely to show their feelings, they live longer. Keeping all your emotions and feelings inside isn’t a healthy way to live your life.

If you need to express your emotions and show your feelings, please give yourself the permission to do it so that you can truly heal. Don’t wear the mask of masculinity and hide behind the persona that you have built all the time. It’s perfectly okay to release your emotions when it’s necessary.

Perhaps you can find a counsellor or hire a dating coach. Do something that moves the needle forward while helping you feel good!

Obviously, during the current lockdown in so many places around the world, it’s not easy to remain positive all day every day and go out & build an exciting life. However, you would be well-advised to identify the difference between things that are outside of your control and things that are inside your control. The pandemic isn’t something that you can control, but you can try your best to create a lifestyle that you enjoy in spite of COVID-19. How about reading eBooks on Libby? What about writing a blog? Have you ever considered starting an online business? There are so many options during the lockdown and I’m sure you can find something that excites you today. All of this will help you look forward to international travel once again!

“When you manage your actions, you are also managing your emotions.”