One decade ago, online dating was obviously a taboo topic. Nonetheless, these days online dating is extremely common because it’s become mainstream already nowadays. This is especially commonplace during the pandemic. Do you know how to stay safe while traveling internationally to date your lady that you’ve met online?

travel internationally

  • Meet people in public venues.

If you have joined an online dating site, you will probably go out for some dates with individuals that you have met online. 

The most important rule that you must remember is you have to meet people in public places like restaurants and coffeehouses.

  • Your phone’s battery should be fully charged.

Before going out for a date with somebody you’ve met online, you would be well-advised to make sure that your phone’s battery is charged fully. 

Then if things go wrong, you can always call your family or friends for help when that’s necessary and possible. 

For instance, let’s say you are on the first date with a total stranger and things do not seem right. 

You may go to the restroom and call someone who can pick you up immediately.

travel internationally

  • Tell someone that you’re going out for a date with a person you’ve met online.

Dating is a private and personal activity. However, you do not have to do this alone, particularly in terms of online dating when there is some risk involved. I mean you’d better tell at least one person that you are going to meet a total stranger after talking to them on the Internet. For example, you may say this to a friend that you trust, “This Saturday afternoon at 2pm, I will go out for a date with a woman that I’ve met on the Internet. I will meet her at XYZ Café. If things aren’t right, I will send you a text message and you will call me as soon as possible so I will answer the telephone in front of the woman and find a good excuse to leave immediately.

I know you don’t fear women, but better safe than sorry. 😉

  • How to have a relationship on your terms:

Don’t put up with bad behavior / terrible treatment in a relationship. Your relationship does not have to be stressful! You can surely have a relationship on your terms.

First of all, do not settle for less. Remember: when you settle for less, you will only get less than what you settle for.

Second, you have to establish the right standards from the beginning. When you begin a new relationship, you must know your non-negotiables and communicate your standards to your lady. You would be well-advised to be practical; you shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations.

Third, always reward good behavior and punish bad behavior. Whenever a woman does something that makes you very happy, you’d better give her some kind of reward, e.g., more exciting experiences together, more quality time, and so on. By contrast, if she violates your standards or crosses your boundaries, you should totally give her some kind of punishment, e.g., calmly telling her that her behavior is such a turn-off and giving her a few days to process what you’ve told her. Every time she crosses boundaries or makes a mistake, there should be some consequences. Otherwise, she will think it’s perfectly okay to do whatever she wants.

This is a way to train your lady properly so you can have a relationship on your terms. In psychology, this is called ‘positive reinforcement.

“The internet has changed the way singles meet each other in this day and age. Here is how to stay safe when you travel internationally just to meet and date the woman that you met on the Internet.”