Nowadays small businesses have the best chance to thrive because the Internet has permanently changed how marketing works. Now I’d like to share some insights with you so that you will be able to have financial freedom & travel the world confidently. You’re welcome! ?

  • Are you an entrepreneur?

Content marketing is the new advertising. As a small business, you have an unfair advantage that big corporations don’t have – you are able to adjust what you do quickly and you can be very well-calibrated. When big corporations are still wasting their money on expensive TV ads that nobody is watching, you can easily figure out how to leverage content marketing online. For example, you can start a YouTube channel and give away good content for free. When your potential customers see your high-quality videos, they will understand your high value, thereby becoming keen to buy your products or services.

Understand how digital marketing works. Yes, content marketing requires your effort on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But at the same time, you can’t ignore your own website because at the end of the day, whatever you post on social media platforms belong to those platforms rather than your business. In contrast, everything on your own website belongs to you! That means you need to learn Google’s algorithm and make sure your website is SEO-optimized. ?

Know your target audience’s hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations. Every successful business has a customer avatar, i.e. an ideal or typical customer. Now I’d like you to write a detailed description about your customer avatar. What is this person’s profession / income / age / gender / socio-economic background? What keeps this person awake at night? Whenever you start a marketing project, always address your target audience’s reality so your conversion rate will be higher.

  • Are you a female executive?

In this day and age, more and more women are becoming executives, as evidenced by the fact that 64% of Chief Human Resources Officers are women, according to Forbes. Statistics show that women tend to have high-profile jobs when it comes to Human Resources and Marketing.

Further analysis reveals that female executives actually bring more money to companies in many cases because Human Resources and Marketing are the most important departments in a lot of companies – the key to maintain a successful business is to find and keep the best employees, and marketing directly determines how much revenue a company can generate.

Therefore, it is clear that female executives are very valuable members of companies nowadays. Indeed, women have many advantages that can be used at work: First and foremost, women are good at connecting with others on an emotional level. Julie Bishop famously said, “Men’s leadership style is transactional, whereas women’s leadership style is transformational. That’s why I encourage women to become leaders.” Second, women’s intuition is stronger and more accurate. More specifically, whenever something goes wrong, women would know it first. Last but not least, when women and men work together, they complement each other well because this combination brings the best out of men and women in the workplace.

In conclusion, research suggests that female executives bring more profit to companies and women are playing an important role in the society today.

  • Are you looking forward to retirement (so you can travel the world)?

It is said that a millennial is a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. If you are a millennial reading this article, you probably should take some notes because you will learn how to manage your personal finances (and get ready to retire when you think it’s too early to consider that).

In the first place, you would be well-advised to pay yourself first. By that I mean whenever you receive a paycheck, always save a percentage of your income first. It doesn’t have to be 10% or 20% of your paycheck; it has to be a percentage that you are comfortable with. Just save the percentage that works for you.

In the second place, you should invest your savings. Saving all of your money in the bank may lose a significant amount of your money in the long term, partly because inflation is real, and partly because the interest that you make from your savings creates extra tax that you have to pay. As a result, you’d better use your savings to invest in real estate or the stock market which will bring you passive income in the long run.

Finally, remember to have a money date with yourself regularly. For example, if you get paid every second Thursday, you need to sit down and manage your finances carefully on that day. You can call that “money date” or “money time”. During your money time, you save/invest a percentage of your money, check the transaction history of all your bank accounts and pay your bills.

To conclude, millennials must take action early so that retirement at 65 will be nice and easy. If you think you are young, soon you will be old; if you think you are old, soon you will be older. Hence, you have to begin to save money now.

  • Are you looking to get married?

According to a recent survey, most people consider marriage the most important thing in their lives. But how can you make the wedded bliss last so you can travel the world together?

Keep attracting your spouse after getting married. After the wedding, you shouldn’t stop attracting your spouse. Ideally, you would be well-advised to have a date night every week with your spouse. This will keep your marriage sparky and maintain the attraction. When the Chemistry has a capital C, you know you have a high-quality marriage!

Always put yourself first. I know this sounds selfish, but in reality, it’s not. Please let me explain. If you don’t put yourself first, sooner or later you will become resentful and upset because that’s when dissatisfaction begins in any relationship. Frankly, no one has the obligation to make you happy if you don’t focus on your own happiness in the first place. Expecting your spouse to make you 100% satisfied will possibly disappoint you because no one can read your mind! Remember: You are the most important person in the universe & when you put yourself first, you are the happiest version of yourself and then you’ll have the energy to build a sustainable marriage with your spouse.

Get rid of the elephant in the room. Nobody’s marriage is perfect because perfection is a joke. That means every marriage has its own issues which need to be addressed, and that’s totally normal and it’s okay! Here is a list of common elephants in the room: Personal finances, relationships with family members and friends & overstepping boundaries. If you’re a realist, please address the above-mentioned issues when they arise in your marriage, and then you’ll be able to enjoy the wedded bliss in the long term.

“Having financial freedom, getting married, stay happy…. These are all beautiful things in life that many people look forward to. More importantly, when you live in abundance, you can travel the world.”