Europe is my favorite place in the world because it has rich history and culture.

  • Why Europe?

First of all, I love Ukraine. This country is absolutely beautiful and its culture is fascinating. Ukrainian people are friendly, warm and helpful. When I was living in Ukraine, I met the best people in the world who have become my close friends.

Second, I like Russia. Living in a western country oftentimes means the mainstream news tells us that Russia isn’t that great. But after visiting Russia, I have realized that Russia is actually a wonderful country. It’s modern, chic and very cool. Russian women are absolutely gorgeous and elegant.

Next, I am fascinated by Italy. Italian men are so different from men in English-speaking countries. They are masculine, romantic and open-minded. They know how to interact with women.

What’s more, I am in love with France. The elegance in France is the best in the world, hands down. Every café in France is so classy. By the way, I remember when I was in France, it was summertime. During July and August, French people are on holiday because they don’t go to work in the summer. Most of them have two months off and can relax for a long time every year. That was some kind of culture shock: seeing so many people sitting in restaurants and coffeehouses in France was so eye-opening.

Last but not least, I adore the United Kingdom. I love the English accent, received pronunciation. I wish I could speak like the Queen!

Of course, everywhere I go, I would take some photos. Plus, I keep a journal with me at all times so that I can write down my thoughts. Usually, I write a journal entry every day when I travel.

visit Europe

  • The best souvenirs:

While visiting Europe, I bought many souvenirs. Here are my favorite souvenirs:

  • A bracelet made of glass – This is an amazing bracelet because it is made of recycled glass in Italy. Its color is true red. Some glass beads have blue dots as decoration. The metal is sterling silver.
  • A glass necklace – This is also made of recycled glass in Italy. More importantly, it is made of recycled wine bottles. It looks seriously perfect because it’s green – my favorite color which calms me down energetically.
  • An open ring – This ring is made of sterling silver. Its design is very French – simple and feminine.
  • A pair of wooden earrings – They are made of wood (very natural & futuristic). I don’t have any piercing, so I prefer clip-on earrings all my life. I know my favorite singer Coco Lee didn’t get piercing until she was already in her late 20s. As a pop singer, that is pretty remarkable.
  • Lots of books – Well, I’m an enthusiastic reader, so I always buy books whenever I visit somewhere. I went to many bookstores in Europe. I really enjoy reading fiction as well as non-fiction books. My bookshelf is full of phenomenal books that I’ve accumulated over so many years. I like reading so much that I read a book every two weeks. So, each year I read about 12 books in total. Currently, I’m reading Harry Potter. I bought this book when I visited Europe.
  • Fashionable clothes – I’m a fashionista. As a fashion-conscious woman, I not only love reading fashion magazines, but also like trying different outfits and styles. Previously, my favorite style was the girly style because I highly value femininity (I used to wear patterns such as flowers, love hearts and butterflies & colors such as hot pink, dark red and purple.) But now my favorite style is Annie Hall’s style. Currently, I like wearing pants! Of course, when I visited Europe, I bought a lot of clothes from local boutiques.

“Europe has so much to offer. Everyone would be well-advised to visit Europe.”