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March 2021

Visiting Austria: a medical retreat


Medical retreats are different from casual retreats such as meditation retreats and spiritual retreats. More specifically, a medical retreat is where you do a thorough medical check and receive treatments. Meanwhile, you have a relaxing time at a resort. In this article, I’d like to introduce Lanserhof, a health center in Europe. Next time you go to Austria, you may consider investing in your health and wellbeing there. This is a spa where affluent people go to detox. Because a medical retreat requires medical staff, advanced facilities and a stricter diet, it is much more expensive than a standard retreat. Therefore, [...]

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January 2021

Powerful tools of successful world travelers


Based on my observation over the years, successful world travelers tend to use some very powerful tools – maybe you can learn a thing or two from them today. Journals, programs and systems: A lot of successful people use journals. For instance, Max runs an 8-figure business which has been automated already, so he has lots of free time to travel the world. Every morning, he writes in his journal first before he starts the day officially. He says journaling is the best way to stop overthinking as it gives him the clarity that he needs. Max also values education and [...]

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How to be more inspired (a world traveler’s advice)


As a seasoned world traveler, I’ve been to many countries. I feel that every time I go to a new place, I feel very inspired and enlightened because travel is indeed an eye-opener. Having said that, you don’t have to travel all the time in order to be inspired. You can do something different today and get some inspiration. Do something that you usually wouldn’t do. If you usually work from home, maybe tomorrow you can go to a coffee shop and take your computer with you. Working from a different place surely gives you fresh ideas and new perspectives as [...]

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November 2020

International travel activates your senses – you become more mindful


  When you are stressed out, you are thinking about too many things – your job, your laundry, your bills, etc. Anxiety is caused by having a lot of thoughts; peace is caused by focusing on your senses rather than your thoughts, according to a life coach and an international travel expert from New York. Meanwhile, a health coach from Los Angeles points out that nutrition plays a key role in your health and wellbeing as well. Are vitamins really good for you? When it comes to using vitamins to supplement diets, there’s a wide gap between what science says and [...]

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September 2019

4 Reasons to Consider Ukraine for Your Next Adventure


4 Reasons to Consider Ukraine for Your Next Adventure Although Ukraine is the fastest growing tourist destination in Europe, it is still widely overlooked and under-served when it comes to travel. Whether you’re seeking a sightseeing tour, adrenaline filled adventure, culinary exploration, or any other type of trip, Ukraine will prove to be more exciting than you ever would have thought. So, here are 4 great reasons to give it a chance. #1 It’s a safe destination. Ukraine does not suffer from high violence, theft, or similar crimes any more.  Any traveler who exercises common sense (like concealing your money and [...]

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April 2018

Tips for Travelers


Tips for Travelers “To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen There are so many benefits to traveling, from meeting new people, trying new foods, experiencing new cultures, seeing new sights — traveling gives you experience and capabilities. What is more, traveling in a foreign country and not knowing a word of the language, is like a new challenge for you to achieve your goals, your own perfections, and happiness! Here are some tips that can help you on your trip, whether it is your first time traveling abroad, or maybe you just need a refresher. Check your own health [...]

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