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May 2022

How to calm down a racing mind and enjoy travel


Worrying comes from overmanaging life and overthinking. I’m going to share with you some powerful techniques so that you can quickly stop racing thoughts. In this way, you can enjoy travel and live a happy life. 😊 Mind Full or Mindful? Mind Full: You always think about those anxieties and anxious thoughts. Those weird anxieties and annoying thoughts grow all the time. Mindful: You notice what you hear, see, smell and feel. You focus on your body movements as well as your breath. When irritating thoughts arise, you simply watch them go (like watching cars go while standing still). Just let [...]

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How to be safe if you travel internationally to date your lady


One decade ago, online dating was obviously a taboo topic. Nonetheless, these days online dating is extremely common because it’s become mainstream already nowadays. This is especially commonplace during the pandemic. Do you know how to stay safe while traveling internationally to date your lady that you’ve met online? Meet people in public venues. If you have joined an online dating site, you will probably go out for some dates with individuals that you have met online.  The most important rule that you must remember is you have to meet people in public places like restaurants and coffeehouses. Your phone’s battery [...]

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How to manage the change in love & career and have new travel experience again


Coronavirus has certainly changed many things in the world. Many people are still trying to get used to the new normal life. When it comes to managing the change, I have some useful tips to share with you today. Use the internet to your advantage. In the digital era, online dating has become mainstream. Actually, research shows that the pandemic has made online dating even more mainstream nowadays as this is probably the only practical way to meet someone suitable in this day and age. That is to say, offline dating has become almost impossible due to the pandemic. Almost every offline [...]

How to manage the change in love & career and have new travel experience again2022-05-16T06:43:54+00:00

Travel experience, dating experience and work experience


Some individuals have lots of experiences; nevertheless, none of those experiences is high-quality. By contrast, some people have fewer experiences, but each experience is high-quality. In my opinion, quality is always more important than quantity in almost every area of life, including travel experiences, dating experiences as well as work experiences. Quantity VS quality. Let’s say you’ve joined a dating site and now you are looking for love. At the very beginning, you’d better contact more women because you don’t really know who is the right person yet – you have to talk to more ladies so that you will find [...]

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