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October 2021

A working holiday visa holder’s journey


As a working holiday visa holder, my journey is filled with excitement, enlightenment and inspiration. I take this opportunity very seriously. While doing research before writing this blog post, a range of information was accumulated and carefully studied so as to develop my future employability brand. To be more specific, from now on, I will keep learning technical skills from LinkedIn Learning which is an online learning platform offering a wide variety of courses. Peart (2019) suggests that the illiterate of the new century are not people who cannot read & write, but people who are unable to learn, unlearn & [...]

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How to better enjoy the lifestyle in Europe


Most people in Eastern Europe don’t eat junk food and maintain a positive way of life. The healthy lifestyle in Europe: Eastern European diet I went to a dinner party in Ukraine last month and I was impressed by how healthy the food was: no sugar, no soy, no grains, no diary and no sweeteners of any kind. The dinner table was full of fish, meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruit as well as some very healthy oils and healthy flavoring such as herbs. “Because we have a sweet life, we don’t really need to import as much sweetness through our [...]

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Travel in Europe and have a reasonably balanced lifestyle


Research shows that travel is the best way to relax your body and ease your mind, and I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned when I was traveling in Europe. Lifestyle balance equals wellbeing. In our daily life, we always spend too much time doing things because the need to be seen to be busy all the time predominates as a social norm in our culture.  That’s why we lose variety, the spice of life. Sadly, doing too much is detrimental to well-being.  The real outcome of over busyness and overwork is that people usually feel overcommitted, overburdened, overwhelmed, stressed, [...]

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Why I absolutely, truly love living in Europe


After living in Ukraine for a while, this is my realization: I am absolutely free to choose the way I want to live my life. I am allowed to honor my heart’s decisions. I am free to be me.   Gratitude makes my life easier.   Gratitude is the key to a locked door. My trip in Ukraine has taught me many things and I cherish the learning: Everyone has bad days and everyone also has good days. Both will pass and both will come repeatedly. Life is simply a balance of dark and light. Happiness comes from accepting that both [...]

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