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August 2019

How Traveling Helps Fight Depression


Depression is a vague subject, it’s never just a sad or unhappy feeling. It is not something that will just snap out of your system or completely disappear upon waking up. Depression is unique to every person and it demands special care and attention. Treatments may be available, however, what may work for one may not be effective for the other.  Looking for alternative ways to combat depression is a great way to help us change the way in which depression is perceived. It also encourages us to open up to various experiences that will help control depression effectively and regain [...]

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Why Taking a Break from Social Media Can Be Good


Looking back to more than a decade ago, it’s easy to pinpoint some elements which significantly affected the society - one of them is the advancement of mobile technology. The advent of social media has created a huge impact on communication and connection. Gone are the days when you have to lose touch with people who move away. Even marketing a business has been made easy with social media and smartphone technology. Aside from convenience, social media also made an impact in the world of entertainment. People nowadays spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on TV screens. [...]

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Planning a Trip to Ukraine? What You Need to Know Prior to Planning your Ukraine Trip


The numbers may surprise you, but an estimated 14.5 million people have gone for a Ukraine trip in 2017. And while the purpose of their travel may have differed wildly, we’re proud to say that each of them likely fell in love with everything the nation has to offer. The history. The architecture. The food. The nightlife. And the people. Ukraine isn’t like other Eastern European nations. In fact, it’s not like any other country in Europe at all. Certain regions (Crimea, in particular) require a visa for entry, even for short periods of time. This can place visitors in a [...]

Planning a Trip to Ukraine? What You Need to Know Prior to Planning your Ukraine Trip2019-08-09T16:38:09+00:00
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