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January 2021

Health-conscious international travelers’ advice


I remember my nutritionist told me that sugar is the biggest evil in our diets because sugar creates advanced glycation end compounds in our bodies, which destroy collagen and neutralize antioxidants. In general, sugar is bad for your skin and health. This is beyond candies and cakes – in fact, sugar hides in white bread, dressings and sauces all the time as well. Therefore, you may even want to switch white bread for whole-grain, pasta for sweet potatoes, white rice for quinoa. You should make your own dressing if you have time. In time you will notice the difference. My guilty [...]

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August 2020

International Travel and Climate Change: How to protect the earth


Ocean currents move heat around the world and have a major effect on the world’s climate. Nowhere is this clearer than in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream and the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt move huge volumes of warm salty tropical water north to the Greenland coast. Heat from this water helps keep the countries of northwest Europe, which are at the same latitude as Labrador and Greenland, relatively warm. How the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt could cause an Ice Age: Many scientists, however, are warning that the North Atlantic might cool down, perhaps by the end of the century. [...]

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November 2019

Are You Visiting Ukraine to Meet Your Ukrainian Lady?


Are You Visiting Ukraine to Meet Your Ukrainian Lady? Ukraine is well-known for its beautiful landscape, rich culture and honest people. Every year, there are more and more overseas visitors going to Ukraine for vacations. More precisely, Ukraine has become the fastest-growing travel destination within Europe. Ukraine has the most beautiful women in the world. Whenever I visit Ukraine with my American friends, all of us are amazed by the beauty of Ukrainian women. Everywhere we go in Kyiv, we see attractive women everywhere. They are on the bus, on the train, in the street, and in the shopping mall. My [...]

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