June 2019

Why Should Kiev Be Your Next Travel Destination?


Perhaps you’re a seasoned world traveller. You’ve hiked along the Appalachian Trail. You’ve seen the wildlife of Zimbabwe. And in between, you’ve stopped in Rome, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro, and Beijing. So why haven’t you crossed Kiev off your bucket list yet? More importantly, why haven’t you added it? When most people think of romantic getaways, Kiev typically isn’t the first destination that springs to mind. Nor is it at the top of the list when they think of historical gateways between Eastern and Western Europe. But for anyone who’s breathed in the distinctly crisp air of Kiev, marvelled at its [...]

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May 2019

6 Romantic Places to Visit in Ukraine


For couples who are seeking something special during getaways or special occasions, Europe is a perfect destination. It is the perfect place for hopeless romantics. Some popular spots for lovers include Paris, Rome and Santorini. However, besides these lovely locations, Europe offers other undiscovered romantic places, too. One of them is Ukraine. Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon, doing a marriage proposal, or just looking for the best places to make a declaration of love, you can find many romantic places to visit in Ukraine. It’s a country that offers something special for everyone. It boasts beautiful landscapes, romantic spots for lunch [...]

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April 2019

How to Visit Ukraine on a Budget


Ukraine is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. However, it is also often overlooked by most travelers. Not many are aware that there’s so much more that Ukraine has to offer. From sights and attractions to delicious food and cuisine, there’s more to Ukraine than meets the eye. Because this country is utterly amazing, taking the time to visit Ukraine is a decision you will never regret. If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t worry. You can visit Ukraine without breaking the bank and this article will tell you how!   In Ukraine, there are three major [...]

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March 2018



Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in the World. It is unforgettable for those who wish to see wonderful landscapes, unique attractions, traditional villages and gorgeous nature. In Ukraine, you can visit ski resorts in the West and sunny beaches in the South. The Carpathian Mountains are protecting Ukraine from cold winds and making summers warm and winters mild.   Ukraine is a country situated in the center of Europe. It has approximately 45 million inhabitants and the area is 603,628 square kilometers. The capital of this county is the ancient city Kyiv, which is proud of its architectural monuments, green [...]


September 2017

A Holiday at sea in Italy! A guaranteed bus tour


Corner of sea paradise... Italy Countries: Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France Departure: 26.08 for 9 days Hotel Accommodation 3 * + breakfasts Cost: € 792 for two The cost is: - group insurance - travel by bus coach - Escort Guide on the entire route - hotel accommodation in kategori standard On tour, there is an opportunity: • Rest on the coast of the ligurian sea (4 nights) in Italy • Relax On Lakes Austria, ITALY AND SLOVENIA • Get a positive vibe in "Italian Disneyland" - gardalende • Visit the beautiful - nice • Taste unique taste of divine drink at [...]

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Montenegro Budva Tre Canne Hotel 5 star


Chic Hotel, open in 2015, all tourists love it! It is located in the famous resort resort, 50 m from the city's Urban Beach. 400 m from the hotel is the most beautiful small-Pebble Beach of budva - mogren. There are several restaurants on the beach. Water Sports are offered. Region: Budva Hotel: Tre Canne Hotel 5 * Number: 1 bedroom app Date of arrival: 09.09.17 Departure from: Odessa Food: HB (breakfast and dinner) Nights: 7 cost of tour: € 1803 cost: 156 Euro (departure 10.09 from Kiev) for details +380975432363 Viber +380953505315 STR Moscow, 42 ТА "Simply Travel"

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