September 2022

International trips and body language in different cultures


Interestingly, body language is a part of culture as well, according to my key learnings from international trips over so many years. Different body language in different cultures: People from different cultures use different body language which can cause conflicts, tensions and misunderstandings in the workplace. For example, in some cultures, the physical distance between two individuals is small when they are having a conversation. Yet in other cultures, the physical distance between two people is much bigger when they are talking to each other. If two staff members are from two very different cultures in which body language is also [...]

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May 2022

How to be safe if you travel internationally to date your lady


One decade ago, online dating was obviously a taboo topic. Nonetheless, these days online dating is extremely common because it’s become mainstream already nowadays. This is especially commonplace during the pandemic. Do you know how to stay safe while traveling internationally to date your lady that you’ve met online? Meet people in public venues. If you have joined an online dating site, you will probably go out for some dates with individuals that you have met online.  The most important rule that you must remember is you have to meet people in public places like restaurants and coffeehouses. Your phone’s battery [...]

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March 2022

International tourism makes you genuinely happy


Indeed, most people are sitting on the couch and looking at their phones after work. When they are at work, they sit in front of computers and looking at the screen. Lack of movement may lead to poor mental health. Yet international tourism offers a great opportunity to look after your happiness and wellbeing. The reality of youngsters’ mental health status in New Zealand and Australia isn’t ideal. If your children are teenagers, you may want to watch their mental health status because statistics show that smartphones are not good for youngsters’ mental wellbeing. For example, in the jungle you see [...]

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January 2022

International travel and mental health


A major study in Australia indicates that at least 30% of Australians suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Further examination shows that the modern lifestyle in western countries is not really supporting mental health these days (think social media and smartphones). Therefore, a large number of psychologists are recommending various ways to reduce stress, and one of these effective methods is international travel. Travel can cure anxiety disorder, including hypervigilance. According to Professor Kevin Gournay (author of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Recovery after accident and disaster), physical exercise may cure hypervigilance because exercise burns off arousal.  Clearly, international [...]

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November 2021

An international student who is also an international traveler


Studying overseas means I am also an international traveler. During the internship, I’ve learned so much information, inspiration and insights into life and work. My unedited journal entries: 26th April 2021: I consulted with Iris Huang (the director of the Hibiscus Tree) who recommended LinkedIn Learning to me so that I can hone my technical skills such as customer service as well as food and beverage service. There are also many marketing courses on LinkedIn Learning, so I will study these online programs and improve my technical skills. 3rd May 2021: I consulted with my mentor at university who recommended Marie [...]

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How The Hibiscus Tree achieved their success in the tourism and hospitality industry


Because the business owner of the Hibiscus Tree uses Xero as the bookkeeping and accounting software, the financial performance of this organization is automatically measured. At the end of each month, the business owner checks the accounting software to find out the numbers. For example, if the profit in May is higher than the profit in April, the business owner would identify the employees that contributed the most to the organization and give them some kind of reward. In psychology, this strategy is called ‘positive reinforcement’. Note that this only happens when the profit is higher (not when the revenue is [...]

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April 2021

Travel down under: interesting hotel, excellent management


According to recent news about travel down under, in Australia and New Zealand, a hotel is managed by Room Division Manager, Food & Beverage Director, Sales & Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager and Financial Manager are all supervised by Assistant Manager and General Manager. To be more exact, Room Division Manager is responsible for executive housekeeping (housekeeping, the public area, maintenance & repair as well as laundry), system management (hardware and software) and front office management (concierge, security, reservation, phone and Internet as well as the receptionist). Food & Beverage Director supervises Food and Beverage Manager (room service, bar and beverage, [...]

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European tourism: How to actually enjoy life


A European travel agent once said, “The most common regret shared by people nearing death is ‘I wish that I had let myself be happier’. Actually, many senior citizens in their 70s and 80s are travelling to Europe because they don’t want to have that regret. Of course, it’s never too late to enjoy life, but in my view, people probably should travel when they are young – when they are more energetic, because when people enjoy life earlier, they can always savor those beautiful experiences for the rest of their lives – they actually benefit from those experiences for a [...]

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January 2021

Health-conscious international travelers’ advice


I remember my nutritionist told me that sugar is the biggest evil in our diets because sugar creates advanced glycation end compounds in our bodies, which destroy collagen and neutralize antioxidants. In general, sugar is bad for your skin and health. This is beyond candies and cakes – in fact, sugar hides in white bread, dressings and sauces all the time as well. Therefore, you may even want to switch white bread for whole-grain, pasta for sweet potatoes, white rice for quinoa. You should make your own dressing if you have time. In time you will notice the difference. My guilty [...]

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November 2020

Food as medicine, international travel as the cure


As well as our physical health, the quality of our diet matters for our mental and brain health. Observational studies across countries, cultures and age groups show that better-quality diets – those high in vegetables, fruits, other plant foods (such as nuts and legumes), as well as good-quality proteins (such as fish and lean meat) – are consistently associated with reduced depression. Meanwhile, studies have shown that international travel may cure anxiety, insomnia and depression. ⦁ Healthy food is so healing. Unhealthy dietary patterns – higher in processed meat, refined grains, sweets and snack foods – are associated with increased depression [...]

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