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September 2021

Ukrainian tourism: my new journal entry


My life in Ukraine is best characterized by walking in the nature every morning.   The nature continues to amaze me every single day in one way or another.   Nature has so much to offer, to teach me, if I am open to the learning. To maintain real balance, I have to spend time in the nature regularly. This keeps my sanity as well. How do I reconnect with natural happiness? Well, I choose to do so – it’s very simple. I make the choice one step at a time. In spite of the fact that life throws curve balls [...]

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Why tourists should totally travel to Ukraine


SimplyTravel.International offers you a comprehensive travel package which includes flight, accommodation, sightseeing, translator and tour guide. In this way, you don’t have anything to worry about and can relax & enjoy the trip! For those who absolutely love souvenirs, here are some amazing ideas…. There are many valuable souvenirs that you can buy when you visit Ukraine: Petrikivka Painting: This is an art form that marvels. This folk painting was created in Petrikivka of a Dnieper region (that’s a small town). When you visit Ukraine, you can buy spoons, mugs, plates, caskets or other decoration items adorned with Petrikivka Painting. This [...]

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Fantastic benefits of a Ukrainian tour


Have you noticed that when you are travelling, you are actually more open-minded? Research shows that tourists are more curious, so they are able to enjoy the benefits of a city (some of them can enjoy things better than local people do).   When you visit Ukraine, you are ready to experience new things in this beautiful country.   As a young and developing country in Eastern Europe, Ukraine has an ancient history and a very rich culture. Its perfect landscape, fairytale castles and impressive recipes are going to exceed your expectations. Don’t forget to go on a sunflower field photo [...]

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Travel and fine dining: These activities trigger dopamine


I’ve been to many countries, and so far, my favorite experience is travel and fine dining in South Australia. After working for the Hibiscus Tree for a while, I feel more confident in the hospitality industry now. My work experience informs my future plans. In the future, I plan to develop my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill which is the most important Internet marketing skill so that I can contribute to any organization in the hospitality industry in today’s day and age (every company has a website that needs to rank high on Google search results). I can learn SEO through [...]

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The wisdom of a working holiday in Australia


During my working holiday in Australia, I worked for an international restaurant that I absolutely adore.  The wisdom of a holiday: I asked the restaurant director how to keep more repeat customers. Iris’s advice is to make sure that the food is scrumptious, i.e., the combination of salt and sugar has to be right. This needs to be tested very accurately in the kitchen. In addition, customers will never forget how staff members in the restaurant make them feel; hence, outstanding customer service is expected at all times. Last but not least, the environment in the restaurant must be elegant and [...]

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