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October 2021

Travel in Europe and have a reasonably balanced lifestyle


Research shows that travel is the best way to relax your body and ease your mind, and I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned when I was traveling in Europe. Lifestyle balance equals wellbeing. In our daily life, we always spend too much time doing things because the need to be seen to be busy all the time predominates as a social norm in our culture.  That’s why we lose variety, the spice of life. Sadly, doing too much is detrimental to well-being.  The real outcome of over busyness and overwork is that people usually feel overcommitted, overburdened, overwhelmed, stressed, [...]

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April 2020

A European trip taught me how to be kind to myself


“Don’t be too hard on yourself,” says my best friend Alex, “You have very high expectations and you expect yourself to be perfect often. Just be kind to yourself, okay?” I remember Alex’s words so vividly. But hearing something is one thing; truly understanding it is another. I didn’t fully understand what Alex means until I had a European trip last year. I learned the importance of focusing on my strengths. I’m a naturally quiet person, and I thought that’s my weakness. But when I went to Europe, I realized that I’m a pensive and thoughtful person – that’s actually a [...]

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