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January 2022

International travel and mental health


A major study in Australia indicates that at least 30% of Australians suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Further examination shows that the modern lifestyle in western countries is not really supporting mental health these days (think social media and smartphones). Therefore, a large number of psychologists are recommending various ways to reduce stress, and one of these effective methods is international travel. Travel can cure anxiety disorder, including hypervigilance. According to Professor Kevin Gournay (author of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Recovery after accident and disaster), physical exercise may cure hypervigilance because exercise burns off arousal.  Clearly, international [...]

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Visiting Eastern Europe: What a therapeutic experience!


I went to Eastern Europe for a health retreat – a program that taught me how to look after my health and wellbeing. I’ve decided to share some notes with you now. How to reverse the damage caused by the standard western diet: It is said that chronic inflammation is a major cause of most physical conditions these days, so the focus of this retreat is about how to cool inflammation and improve overall health & wellbeing.  Truthfully, chronic inflammation is not just about redness and pain. In fact, chronic inflammation is also about whole-body communication. Basically, that means I must [...]

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Going to Eastern Europe: A fascinating journey


In terms of people being productive with their spare time, I see two main issues today: 1) Many people don’t know how to spend their spare time effectively; 2) the amount of spare time is becoming less and less. In order to fix that, I’d like to share my thoughts with you today in this blog post which was written when I was traveling in Eastern Europe. Our spare time is extremely important, so we should protect our spare time carefully. We already have enough noise in our daily life, so why would we fill our lives with letting in more [...]

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How innovation helps a business succeed in the tourism and hospitality industries


Portfolio analyses evaluate an organization’s portfolio of business units by assessing the profitability and attractiveness of the industries the organization competes in as well as the competitive edge of an organization’s business units. As a result, portfolio analyses can offer key insights into the organization’s offerings. Lifecycles capture the evolution of industries, products, services and organizations. When portfolio analyses and lifecycles are combined, the findings can be very powerful because this approach looks at the positioning, the competitive advantages and the stages of products and services, thereby informing strategy development as well as effective management accordingly. Firstly, differentiation may help determine [...]

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The most practical gigs while living in Ukraine


I’ve summarized a list of doable jobs for you so that you will know how to be down-to-earth after arriving in Ukraine. If you decide to live in Ukraine for a while, please clarify your goals in detail.   Your goals shouldn’t be something like “I’ll make a lot of money this year” because that’s not concrete enough.  Instead, your goals should be “I’ll make $100,000 by 31st December, 2021” because this is a very specific goal.  Only specific goals can be measured! Go through daily rituals that help you achieve your goals.  There is a book called Daily Rituals.  Although that [...]

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Living in Ukraine while having a down-to-earth way of life


As a western person living in Ukraine, I teach English here. Many people have asked me to share my experiences with them, so I’m happy to talk about some very interesting things in my life. While living in Ukraine, I realized that many people are curious about the broad Australian accent. The broad Australian accent is associated with Australian masculinity. Notable speakers include Paul Hogan and Bill Hunter. Though the accent is only spoken by a small number of Australians, it has a lot of cultural credibility. This is shown by the fact that it is commonly used by newsreaders. Very [...]

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