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April 2022

How a trip to France upgraded my wardrobe forever


Before I went to France, my wardrobe was very different because previously, my wardrobe was best characterized by clothes from Vero Moda and Only. Those are not bad brands, but they are more about an eccentric style. My trip to France changed the way I look at fashion permanently. 😊 My previous style was unconventional. There is nothing wrong with alternative fashion, but when I was in my early 20s, my style was too unconventional. I was wearing things that were not suitable for me without knowing it. I generally bought clothes from Only and Vero Moda in the department store [...]

How a trip to France upgraded my wardrobe forever2022-04-23T08:27:52+00:00

October 2020

Which traditions are made to be broken? (A trip to France)


Interestingly, I always go overseas for Christmas holidays and do something different each year. For most people, there is probably a tendency around Christmas holidays to fall into the groove of repeating the same activities every single year just because that is the usual way they have always done as a tradition. Sometimes family traditions like Christmas lunch can be stressful, especially if you really dislike that particular aunt who has to join the Christmas lunch. As a sentimental person, I like good traditions. A great tradition sprinkled here & there is great. However, repeating the same activities each year even [...]

Which traditions are made to be broken? (A trip to France)2020-10-13T10:16:49+00:00
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