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April 2022

How a trip to Australia inspired my fashion direction in the future


I’m very inspired because of a trip to Australia. After visiting Australia and spending some time there, I have decided to have a new fashion direction from now on. 😉 Quality VS quantity I used to buy a lot of clothes. If I wear a different outfit every day, I wouldn’t repeat any outfit within one month. That’s how overflowing my closet has always been. But because I focused on quantity, the quality of my clothes has not been great. My trip to Australia made me realize that quality is more important than quantity because Australians don’t buy a lot of [...]

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April 2021

The future of tourism in Australia


This hotel is called Inn the Forest. It will be built on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Inn the Forest is best characterized by three categories: 1) the main wooden building; 2) glamping; 3) an RV campground. Concept Plan Framework If a more detailed analysis is required, Ingram’s 2004 model would be recommended because it is streamlined and straightforward. Inn the Forest is an eco-friendly hotel which will be built in a forest on Kangaroo Island. Because of its highly creative philosophy, this hotel would generate stable revenue. Moreover, customers can walk in nature at any time. They are also able to [...]

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November 2020

Better health, better future – advice on nutrition and international tourism


Travelling internationally has certainly helped me learn a lot about nutrition because different cultures have so many different foods! ⦁ Healthy foods are better than vitamins in the drug store. Forget an apple a day, vitamin manufacturers would have you believe it’s important to take daily vitamins to boost your health. And a surprising proportion of Australians do. Data from the last National Health survey (back in 1995) showed that up to 30% of Australians had recently taken vitamin or mineral supplements – mostly for preventive health reasons. More recently, the 45 and Up study of more than 100,000 Australian adults [...]

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