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August 2022

Online entrepreneurs who are international travelers: Avoid these mistakes


If you are starting an online business while being an international traveler, perhaps you are busy building your website, creating content for your social media pages, and learning Internet business strategies. These are all important and necessary, but today I’d like to point out a few things that you should avoid doing as a start-up. Spending too many resources on building fancy websites & sales funnels/buying ads & followers. If you have an established and mature business, yes, you should totally invest in building the most beautiful website in the world, hiring a social media manager, etc. Nonetheless, if your business [...]

Online entrepreneurs who are international travelers: Avoid these mistakes2022-08-22T06:33:36+00:00

Dear international travelers: Are you a self-help junkie or a switched-on executor?


Lorna Jane is a well-known businesswoman who famously said, “It takes everything to run a successful business.” Similarly, Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “Entrepreneurship is lonely, difficult and stressful. Your employees are not working for you. You are working for your employees.” Having a successful business that allows you to be an international traveler while working on your laptop isn’t an overnight thing. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources. It’s hard work. Period. Which type are you? There are many people who want to start their own businesses, so they attend business development seminars, read business books and [...]

Dear international travelers: Are you a self-help junkie or a switched-on executor?2022-08-13T21:57:42+00:00

July 2022

My New Take on International Travel


Today I’d like to discuss my travel observation from down under. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my international travel journal entries.  More international travel, more wonderful friends: Whenever I’m traveling, I always do social dipping, i.e. breaking into new social groups. This habit has a lot of advantages: Firstly, most people I meet are new people. Even if for one night out I’m just tagging along to a dinner party or a barbecue, I’m exposed to a totally different social circle. If I feel like meeting someone new quickly and having some very enjoyable conversations, this is a great way to [...]

My New Take on International Travel2022-07-23T11:30:16+00:00

May 2022

How to be safe if you travel internationally to date your lady


One decade ago, online dating was obviously a taboo topic. Nonetheless, these days online dating is extremely common because it’s become mainstream already nowadays. This is especially commonplace during the pandemic. Do you know how to stay safe while traveling internationally to date your lady that you’ve met online? Meet people in public venues. If you have joined an online dating site, you will probably go out for some dates with individuals that you have met online.  The most important rule that you must remember is you have to meet people in public places like restaurants and coffeehouses. Your phone’s battery [...]

How to be safe if you travel internationally to date your lady2022-05-21T07:47:32+00:00

March 2022

How to find more time to read books and travel the world


It is said that the fastest way to improve your mindset and have more new ideas is to read books and travel the world. But both activities require time. How can we find more time in life? You are defined by how you spend your time. Everyone needs to keep working on their relationship to time because time is so valuable. Time is the single most valuable asset in everyone’s life. Therefore, how you spend you time, how you save your time and how you maximize your time are all very important. As a result, I used myself as a case [...]

How to find more time to read books and travel the world2022-03-28T08:33:58+00:00

May 2021

Travel in Japan – Have you been to Muji?


Travel in Japan is popular because Japan has so much to offer. Muji is a Japanese retail company that sells a wide range of consumer goods and household products. Its design philosophy is very minimalist as it emphasizes reducing production & packaging waste as well as recycling. Also, its ‘no-brand’ / no-logo policy is truly unique. The brand name Muji means no-brand high-quality goods. Due to its no-brand strategy, Muji spends very little money on classical marketing or advertisement. Clearly, word of mouth, the simple and satisfying shopping experience and its anti-brand movement have significantly contributed to Muji’s success as a [...]

Travel in Japan – Have you been to Muji?2021-05-12T07:13:07+00:00

April 2021

Travel down under: interesting hotel, excellent management


According to recent news about travel down under, in Australia and New Zealand, a hotel is managed by Room Division Manager, Food & Beverage Director, Sales & Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager and Financial Manager are all supervised by Assistant Manager and General Manager. To be more exact, Room Division Manager is responsible for executive housekeeping (housekeeping, the public area, maintenance & repair as well as laundry), system management (hardware and software) and front office management (concierge, security, reservation, phone and Internet as well as the receptionist). Food & Beverage Director supervises Food and Beverage Manager (room service, bar and beverage, [...]

Travel down under: interesting hotel, excellent management2021-04-28T11:30:04+00:00

Ukrainian tourism: Joy is underrated


Because I don’t speak Russian / Ukrainian perfectly, I sometimes get confused – people in Ukraine misunderstand me at times as I’m living in Ukraine right now. But I’ve learned a lot from being misunderstood. Please let me explain. Walk in the nature. My life in Ukraine is best characterized by walking in the nature every morning. At last, I’m not living in a high-rise apartment building which is surrounded by other high-rise apartment buildings and tall office buildings in a crowded, big city. Now I’m living in Ukraine and the current house I live in is near a beautiful park. [...]

Ukrainian tourism: Joy is underrated2021-04-17T14:39:12+00:00

December 2020

How an international traveler enjoys life


Every year I would make some exciting plans for my birthday. For example, last year I went to the most upmarket restaurant in the city center for my birthday dinner. The service was seriously perfect. This year, I’m planning on going to the beach and having some retail therapy – of course, I might go to the cinema as well! Making these plans makes me very excited and satisfied! Of course, whenever I have more time, I would go overseas because I’m an international traveler. Sleep heals everything. As I see it, sleep is a spiritual practice, so I always make my [...]

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